Full Azure Automation with PowerShell

Bryan Cafferky
60 minutes
Cloud Application Development & Deployment
PowerShell is the robust automation language for Windows. When extended Azure modules, you get a robust Azure automation platform. In this presentation, we’ll explain how to create, inquire about, and manage Azure resources from the client-side using PowerShell. Then we’ll look at how to create PowerShell automation jobs called Runbooks within Azure and the features of using this approach. Finally, we’ll see how we can get the best of both approaches by using the Azure Automation Authoring Toolkit, a PowerShell ISE Add-On that seamlessly integrates local PowerShell development and testing with cloud based Azure Runbooks. If you plan to use Azure, you need PowerShell, the Azure automation language so come to this presentation to get started.
some basic knowledge of Azure and PowerShell and cloud concepts

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