Twitter Data & Sentiment Analysis: Staring Logic Apps, Azure ML, Twitter Data, Power BI, and Python

Bradley Ball
60 minutes
Analytics and Visualization
Six months ago we went to Spider-man: Homecoming. On the way home I thought “I wonder what the rest of the world thinks of this movie? I wonder what people on Twitter are saying? I wonder if this is that tied to box office performance?” Over the last six months we’ve been building data sets on movies and collecting sentiment analysis of Twitter data. This lead to a journey of data discovery. First to figure out how to capture and analyze social media data from Twitter. Next we needed box office information. After that we wanted to capture sentiment. Then we wanted stock market data. Then we wanted movie information, runtime, rating, Metacritic score, IMDB score, and then how do we get historical data if we want to increase our data set? Once you collect the data how do you store it? How do you display it? All this and more….. but probably just this….because that’s a lot.

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