Enabling EDW and BI workloads on Hadoop with Hive / LLAP + Druid!

Luis Figueroa
60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
In its origin, Hadoop was created as an open source distributed computing system designed to process massive amounts of data in batches, but the many advantages of the platform lead to an immediate desire to run interactive analytical queries against Data Lakes built on Hadoop. The Stinger initiative accomplished just that! In this session, Luis Figueroa (Solutions Engineer @ Hortonworks) will walk you through the latest advancements that make Hadoop a powerful SQL engine that expands you EDW capabilities with unlimited scale and amazing flexibility. Luis will provide a technical overview of the Hive engine, an update on SQL compatibility with the ANSI standard, real world use cases and a live demo. If you are a data pro this session is for you!

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