Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, and Power BI

Paco Gonzalez
60 minutes
BI Information Delivery
Microsoft Cognitive services is a series of services based on Microsoft Research using Deep Learning techniques, ready for you to enrich your unstructured data. Microsoft Services includes: Vision (Computer Vision, Emotion, Face, Video), Speech/Language (Speaker Recognition, Spell, Sentiment, Language, Key Phrases, Topic detection, Linguistic Analysis), Knowledge, and Search. These services are consumed by using the Cognitive Services APIs. Power BI enables you to consume the APIs to enrich your unstructured data inside your Power BI solutions. During this session, we will cover how to consume the API using Power Query to then visualize the results with Power BI visuals. We will also consume the Cognitive services API by using a R script inside Power BI. This session is structured with a B2C Survey case study solution with a real time Dashboard using a streaming dataset.

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