Writing Advanced Functions in PowerShell

Mark Wilkinson
60 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration, Deployment & Monitoring
A lot of DBAs use Powershell to help automate complex tasks or apply configuration changes to multiple servers. Many are writing their own functions, and some may even have packaged them up into a custom module. What about more advanced features? How many are using verbose output, pipeline parameters, or parameter validation? These are just some of the features of something called "Advanced Functions" in PowerShell. In this session, we will discuss these topics and more as we work through all the components of a sample Advanced PowerShell function. This session will be geared towards DBAs but will be useful for anyone wanting to learn more about PowerShell. Experience writing basic PowerShell functions is not a requirement, but will definitely make it easier to follow along. I highly recommend bringing a laptop with PowerShell 5.1 installed so attendees can follow along.

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