Parameters in SQL Server - Query Performance Makers or Breakers

Speaker: Mindy Curnutt

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Application & Database Development

T-SQL programming makes wide use of parameterization in stored procedures, dynamic statements and ad-hoc queries. Many developers aren’t aware of the significant influence they have on query performance. Incorrect use or lack of parameters is a common reason for query performance issues.
Have you experienced a query that always ran fast, suddenly (and for "no reason") become slow? And with nothing changing? Yep!
* In this session we will learn about how the plan cache deals with queries that are (and are not) parameterized. 
* You'll learn about parameter sniffing, what it is, and how it's handled in the older and newest versions of SQL. 
* We will explore the problem of mismatched data types and implicit conversions - and how that ties in with ORM generated code. 
* Lastly, we'll take a peek at value list handling from applications, and how using a table valued parameter as an input instead.
If this is a new topic to you, you'll leave this session with takeaways galore.

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