Hierarchies on Steroids

Jeff Moden
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
Hierarchical data sets are everywhere. If you haven't worked with one yet, you probably will someday. If you're already working with them, you know they can be horribly complex, slow performing, difficult to maintain resource hogs that can really take the steam out of any GUI or batch process. This simple but code intensive "Black Arts" session shows you how to quickly and easily get around all of that using all 3 common hierarchical structures and includes a very high performance method (100,000 nodes in less than 4 seconds and 1 Million nodes in less than a minute) for converting Adjacency Lists to Nested Sets that even a beginner can understand. If there's time, we'll cover a new "pre-aggregated" Hierarchical table structure that answers most of the questions you'd ask of a Hierarchy. You just have to know that a Tally Table is involved somewhere in this. ;-) Don't let the "Intermediate" rating of this session scare you beginners away because we start at the ground floor.

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