Locks, Blocks, and Deadlocks; Tame the Sibling Rivalry

William Wolf
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
Like parents having to break up a fight between battling siblings, SQL Server must do the same for conflicting transactions. We call these Deadlocks and they can present a problem to many DBAs. Deadlocks can be minor fights or major issues making SQL Server continually choose a side like constantly quarreling siblings. To understand how Deadlocking occurs, we must understand what caused the fight . Learning about basic locking and blocking of SQL Server is a great place to start. By the end of this session you will walk away with the knowledge of how the locking/blocking mechanism works, the basics of deadlocking, and what Isolation Levels are . You will know how these can help or hurt your situation. Finally you will have the power to capture, report, and stop the family fighting.

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