Magical Memory Moments

Arnie Rowland
60 minutes
OR, How In-Memory Objects Can Supercharge Your Data And Bring About World Peace OK, so you’ve been reading about, perhaps even testing out some of the ‘in-memory’ objects now available in SQL Server. Some of the claims are exciting, and some seem overly optimistic. And Yet, you want to know, experience more … Perhaps your situation doesn’t really call out for in-memory tables. But you should consider memory-optimized #Temp tables, memory-optimized table variables, and natively compiled stored procedures.It’s true. Using memory-optimized tables requires a little more fore-thought, a bit more care, even a few configuration tweaks. • But what are the real advantages of memory-optimized objects? • What are the memory-optimized objects you can use? • How can you best use memory-optimized objects? In this demo packed session, we will discuss the pros and cons of using memory-optimized objects in ways that will supercharge your SQL Server.

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