"Real World" examples on loading a data warehouse using SSIS

Ryan Casey
60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
In this demo-heavy session we will discuss the value of a SSIS Framework, explore forward engineering benefits, and demonstrate SSIS design patterns on loading SQL structures when developing Data Warehouses, SSAS Cubes, and Power BI Analytics. An outline of the subject matter to be covered is below: Live Demo SSIS Framework ● Load & Error Meta Data ● Restart ability, Rollback, Reload Count ● Master Load ID, LoadID, ExecutionID (SSISDB), Refresh ● Package Sequencing and Signatures ● Connections, Expressions, Parameters, Event Handlers ● Alerting (SMTP), Error Flows (XML Destination Script) Forward Engineering SQL Structures (Examples from Most Popular Modeling Tools) ● Relationships, Primary & Foreign Keys ● Data Types, Nullability, Indexes Fully Functional Demos for Multiple Design Patterns ● Dimensions ● Slowly Changing ● Facts ● Inserts, Updates, Deletes ● Bridges / Snowflakes

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