“Black Arts” Index Maintenance #2: Better Methods that Can Actually Prevent Fragmentation for Weeks.

Jeff Moden
60 minutes
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Most people don’t know it but the current “Best Practice” Methods are actually the leading cause of perpetual logical and physical fragmentation, costly and continuous “Bad” page splits, comparatively insane amounts of log file generation and, in an interesting “Catch 22”, the whole reason for why we have to do so much index maintenance. This isn’t your typical presentation on Index Maintenance. In this second of two back-to-back sessions, we’ll learn of three incredibly easy modifications to your Index Maintenance routines to actually prevent fragmentation for weeks rather than perpetuating it, virtually eliminate “Bad” page splits, reduce wasted memory, make your log file and log file backups a whole lot more happy, and increase the overall performance of even perfect code. We’ll also learn that no simple method is a panacea and what to do about the horror of expAnsive updates.

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