IoT Circus – deathmatch oops, datematch :) Power Bi vs Time Series Insights

60 minutes
Cloud Application Development & Deployment
Or how to visualize your data and find insights for beginner IoT developer If you create an IoT solution today, you have a variety of components available to mix and match to make your solution, akin LEGO. You get your hardware and firmware right and you get data from the sensors, now what? Of course, you would like to have, some data visualization easy and fast, and of course you would like to learn something from that data easy and fast. And it would be nice to have the results available on mobile devices, yes, yes easy and fast. Now enter our two titan technologies in a match to the death oops data 😊 trying to achieve these goals, you guess it easy fast (and cheap). And we will see them clash, from real hardware, to the big Azure cloud, to mobile devices, trying to outmatch each other.

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