Hack / Protect / Predict SQL Server - Come learn them.

Hiram Fleitas
60 minutes
DBA Advanced
In this session, I'll show you how to hack SQL Server using a simple C# console application and other tools. Most importantly, I'll show you how to protect vectors that perhaps you're trying to use to safeguard sensitive data for GDPR compliance. 1. Tabular Data Stream (TDS) Protocol 2. Dynamic Data Masking 3. Row Level Security (Yep...) 4. Database Source Control Perhaps, you've seen these exploits before but do you really know how to reproduce them? Or, how to even protect yourself against them? No worries, I'll show you the way along with a load test. Finally, I am very excited to share with you how to analyze text using pre-trained Machine Learning models to predict a sentiment, on-prem with SQL Server 2017. 5. SQL ML / AI - A deep dive to predict the sentiment Looking forward to meeting you all.

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