Attack of the Linux Sea Monsters!

Andrew Nakamura
75 minutes
Database Administration, Performance Tuning Optimization, and DevOps
Take a dive into SQL on Linux and take on some sea monsters that are lurking in your bathtub. We'll take on the biblical Leviathan and answer: Why learn SQL on Linux anyway? We'll hunt down Moby Dick by sharpening our harpoons, by using tools you're probably already using with on Windows. After getting our feet wet, we'll go after the legendary beast, The Kraken, by leveraging your existing skills with Linux. Don't be eaten alive by Jaws and all the new fast-paced piranha-like features of SQL 2017. You can sail safely into the sunset by making SQL on Linux fun, memorable and learning lasting skills that will future proof your career. If you can install, backup, and restore SQL on Windows in your sleep, then perhaps now is the time to jump in. Be careful, you might get wet in the splash zones so dress accordingly or at least bring weather proof gear. Anchors Away!

Accompanying Material

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