For Speakers

For Speakers

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Do speakers need to be registered for a SQLSaturday that they plan to speak at?

All speakers are required to register for a SQLSaturday event in order to submit a session. From a governance perspective, this requirement ensures that all individuals (whether attendees, speakers or co-presenters), have agreed to the same Terms & Conditions. This change was also made in response to community feedback that speakers should have to fill in the same registration form as attendees so that all their preferences are captured.

Speakers will not be able to complete their session submission without meeting this requirement. When a speaker navigates to the Session Submission page, they will be notified that they need to register for the event.

If a speaker’s submission is not selected and they would no longer like to attend the SQLSaturday event, they can simply unregister, or you as the organizer, can unregister them. If a speaker’s submission is not selected, but they would still like to attend, they can remain registered.

When a speaker registers through the Call for Speakers process, they are not prompted to buy lunch. The lunch status defaults to a comped lunch and they are only required to select their lunch preferences. If they are not selected to speak, their lunch status will revert to “buy a lunch”, and they will be able to pay for their lunch through PayPal via the mySQLSaturday portal. Organizers are able to pull a report of everyone that has registered and not yet paid for their lunch, and can follow up with registrants with an unpaid lunch status as a standard part of the process prior to an event.

How do I update my Speaker Profile?

To update your SQLSaturday Speaker profile, please log into any SQLSaturday event website and click on Speakers, then click on Speaker Profile. From there, you can edit your e-mail address, profile picture and bio.

How do I submit a session?

To submit a session to a SQLSaturday, please log into the SQLSaturday event website and click on Speakers, then click on Session Submission. From there, you can choose to create a new abstract, or start with an abstract you have previously submitted to a PASS event.

When you're happy with your abstract, please remember to Submit the session, otherwise it will only be saved as a draft that's visible to you.

Where can I find all Call for Speaker deadlines?

You can find a list of all upcoming SQLSaturdays and their Call for Speakers end date on the MySQLSaturday page on 

Where can I find the SQLSaturday PowerPoint template?

You can download the SQLSaturday PowerPoint template here. Feel free to modify this template! We recommend replacing the generic SQLSaturday logo with the event specific logo.

How do I upload presentation materials?

To upload your slide decks and/or demos, please log into any SQLSaturday event website and click on Speakers, then click on Presentation Upload. From there, you can upload your session material. The session material will be available to download from the SQLSaturday's Schedule page.

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