Managing Oracle and Migrating to SQL Server: Tips from the Trenches

Tom Keller
60 minutes
Track 3
Part 1: Have you inherited an Oracle-based application, and are you not sure what you need to know to keep it running? Here are the basics, explained in terms familiar to Microsoft SQL administrators, including: - making sure you have, and keep, SYSDBA access - locating the ALERT log and checking for non-default PARAMETER - enabling ARCHIVELOG mode, scheduling RMAN backup, and testing restore - management of TABLESPACE and DATAFILE - using DBMS_MONITOR and TKPROF to trace SQL queries - using STATSPACK for performance troubleshooting Part 2: Have you gotten the go-ahead to convert an Oracle database to SQL Server, and are you not sure how? Here is a proven and repeatable (and free) process, which achieves consistent results without requiring the source Oracle database to be read-only during the conversion. Microsoft's SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) is just the beginning!

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