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SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. This event will be held March 13,  2010 7am-5:00pm at Mandeville Hall, St. Joseph's University, 5600 City Line Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395. Admittance to this event is free, all costs are covered by donations and sponsorships. Please register soon as seating is limited, and let friends and colleagues know about the event.   This is made available to you by the St Joseph University's Haub School of Business and the Masters of Business Intelligence program (http://www.sju.edu/academics/hsb/grad/msbi/about.html). 


 Online directions to SJU Mandeville Hall:   http://www.sju.edu/admissions/graduate/directions.html


Session Schedule:  

Start Time

Business Intelligence 1

Database Development-.NET

Database Development-TSQL


Business Intelligence 2

8:00 AM

Room: Teletorium

Speaker: AJ Mee (MS)
Topic:  Microsoft Business Intelligence Overview for 2010

Room: MV 310

Speaker: Matt Van Horn
Topic: Developing with SQL Azure

Room: North 2

Speaker: Said Salomon
Topic: Overview of SQL 2005 Service Broker

Room: North 1

Speaker:  Joe Toscano
Topic: SQL Server 2008 Policy Managment Overview


9:30 AM

Room: North 1

Speaker: Dan Clark
Topic: Adding Spatial Data Visualization to SSRS Reports

Room: MV 310

Speaker: Bill Wolff
Topic: Accessing SQL Server Data with .NET

Room: North 2

Speaker: Joshua Lynn
Topic: T-SQL Development techniques for performance

Room: Teletorium

Speaker: Hilary Cotter
Topic: SQL Server Performance Tuning

Room: MV313

Speaker: Matt Van Horn
Topic: SSRS Interactive Reports

11:00 AM

Room: North 1

Speaker: Adam Jorgensen
Topic: PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint 2010

Room: MV 310

Speaker: Terry Weiss
Topic: Pushing Data to a Web Client Using Comet

Room: North 2

Speaker: Mark Scott (MS)
Topic: Application Lifecycle Management for Databases

Room: Teletorium

Speaker: Raj More
Topic: So help me Codd


2:00 PM

Room: North 1

Speaker: Kevin Goff
Topic: Building an OLAP cube with SSAS 2008

Room: MV 310

Speaker: Matt Van Horn
Topic: Pivot Data Visualization

Room: North 2

Speaker: Jim Moran
Topic: Developing Recursive Queries

Room: Teletorium

Speaker: Dean Richards
Topic: Tuna Helper for SQL Server DBA's

Room: MV313

Speaker: Vince Napoli
Topic: Developing a BI / DW Environment using SSIS

3:30 PM

Room: North 1

Speaker: Kevin Goff
Topic: Integrating SSRS 2008 reports with SharePoint

Room: MV 310

Speaker: Bill Wolff
Topic: Accessing SQL Server Data in SharePoint 2010

Room: North 2

Speaker: Sharon Dooley
Topic: New Toys for Developers in SQL Server 2008

Room: Teletorium

Speaker: Paul Begley
Topic: High Availability Solutions for SQL Server 2008



SJU Buildings:   Campion Student Center - Rooms:  North 1, North 2

                          Mandeville Hall - Rooms: Teletorium (1st Floor), MV 310 (3rd Floor), MV313 (3rd Floor)


**Lunch will be served in the 1st and 2nd Floor hallways at Mandeville Hall from 12:15 - 1:30, seating will be in Dinning room, Teletorium, MV 204, MV207, and any open areas.  

**Gold Sponsors will have a presentation segment during Lunch in the Teletorium  at Mandeville Hall (grab your lunch and hang out)  

GOLD SPONSOR        Time SLOT                       Presenter
SJU                               12:35 -  12:45                  10 min - Tricia Rafferty (SJU Haub School of Business)
PASS                            12:45 -  12:50                   10 min - Sharon Dooley (PASS / PSSUG)   
Confio                           12:50 -  01:05                  15 min - Dean Richards
Expressor Software   01:05 - 01:20                   15 min - Tom Jasinski
Validity, LLC                    01:20 - 01:35                15 min - Glenn Fitzgerald
Pragmatic Works        01:35 - 01:50                   15 min 




*We do ask that you consider to OPT-IN for the Sponsors of this event. Without their assistance, we cannot bring this FREE event to you. You can always opt-out if and when they contact! Thank you for your consideration.

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Event News

Mar 8,2010

We are close to capacity for the SQL Saturday event on March 13th. If full, continue and fill in the registration form to be put on the waiting list or send an email to sqlsaturday37@sqlsaturday.com . As slots up open up due to cancellations, we will move you into the open slot.

Note: There is no after event party planned at this time due to logistics and budget.. We are unable to turn off that option in SQL Saturday. If things change, we will notify all with the updated status.

Schedule for SQL Saturday is now available.     There are 5 tracks available:  DBA, BI-1, BI-2, Dev-TSQL, Dev-.NET.    Go to the schedule page on the menu bar, or click http://www.sqlsaturday.com/37/schedule.aspx to see the full list of schedules.    There is no reservations for a session.   Sessions are on a first come basis, and you can attend any number of sessions that are available.  Room assignments will be posted to the web site, and also posted at various points at St Joseph's during the event.   

Feb 15,2010

Call for Presenters has ended on 2/15/2010.  

Registration for the March 13th SQL Saturday is open and will continue until Monday March 8th. 


Dec 17,2009
The first event SQL Saturday event and local PASS community event will be on March 13th at St Joseph's university.    This is made available to you by the St Joseph University's Haub School of Business and the Masters of Business Intelligence program (http://www.sju.edu/academics/hsb/grad/msbi/about.html).   We will be supporting DBA, Database Development, Business Intelligence, and Professional Development Tracks, and possible additional tracks.    If interested in presenting a topic at the SQL event, please click on the Speakers option on the menu bar.        

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