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Washington DC, United States

PASS SQLSaturday is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more. This event will be held on Dec 05 2015 at The Microsoft Technology Center, 5404 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 700, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 20815, United States

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Welcome to SQLSaturday

SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. Admittance to this event is free and lunch only costs $10 (non-refundable fee). All other costs are covered by donations and sponsorships. Please register soon as seating is limited. Tell friends and colleagues about the event.



We have Pre-Cons this Year!

This year we are excited to offer two amazing Pre-Cons that should cover everything you may want to learn and know about SQL Server.

The first is offered by Brent Ozar, and covers how to tune your SQL Server when you can't actually touch the code.

Performance Tuning When You Can't Fix The Queries

Mountain View

Your users are frustrated because the app is too slow, but you can’t change the queries. Maybe it’s a third party app, or maybe you’re using generated code, or maybe you’re just not allowed to change it. Take heart – there’s still hope. Brent Ozar does this every week, and he’ll share his proven methodologies to performance tune with indexes, SQL Server configuration switches, and hardware.

This is a one-day pre conference session for SQLSaturday DC at the Microsoft Technology Center, 5404 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 700, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 20815. We’ll start at 8:30AM. Lunch is included with your admission. (You’re on your own for breakfast and dinner.)

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The second Pre-Con is with Dave Fackler and focuses on the BI solutions included with SQL Server:

BI Solutions from Start to Finish

Delivering BI solutions using the Microsoft stack of tools requires knowledge of several different
technologies, an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, and the fortitude to do things right
the first time.  Too many organizations attempt to simply throw something together in order to gain
insight and intelligence from the data they have. More often than not, however, this produces poor
results, a solution that is not easy to manage or extend, and unsatisfied users.

During this day-long journey, we’ll explore all the steps and technologies needed to deliver fully
functioning BI solutions within an organization.  We’ll start with BI-centric database designs, learn about
Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) development and management, and take a look at both multidimensional
and tabular On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions.  We’ll also look at various reporting and
analytics options, including relational reporting, OLAP reporting, and several of Microsoft’s newest
analytics tools.  Finally, we’ll round out the day discussing challenges and solutions related to managing
and extending the BI solution and the overall BI environment over time.


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**Notice of Regulations at Venue**

Due to new Microsoft MTC policies, we are not permitted to have unsupervised children at our event. This includes the children of attendees, speakers, organizers and sponsors. If you bring a child along they must remain with you or a guardian at all times. 

There are no baby-sitting services provided at the event.

We regret having to make this announcement but this is a professional event, and to be able to use the amazing venue that Microsoft graciously donates we must adhere to these requirements.



Geico has generously donated their parking lot for our event once more.

It is located directly behind the event location and we will have a couple of people helping to guide you to the lot and handing out parking passes.
The access to the lot is on Western ave. If turning onto Western from Wisconsin the entrance is just after Friendship Blvd.

We will work to have signs and parking assistants there to guide you to the correct lot and provide a parking pass.
If you do not receive a pass when parking, please let us know and we will make sure you get one.
Here is a map showing the location of the parking lot.

Please be sure to only park in the space closest to the street and the Microsoft building. 

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What is a PASS SQLSaturday?

PASS SQLSaturdays are local events organized by PASS community members around the world. PASS is a not-for-profit association for data professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform, offering interactive learning built by community and guided by trusted data experts.

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