Here is our schedule for the upcoming event. We've done our best to provide a good mix of topics and skill levels, we hope you'll find something of interest throughout the day. Our thanks to the speakers listed below for volunteering their time, we couldn't do it without them. If there are schedule changes we will make them here as they happen. We encourage you to check back a few days before the event just in case we have had to move one of your favorite sessions.

Note: Some speakers alternately upload their sessions to their own blog sites, which you can locate their site when you click on their session below.

Start TimeBusiness Intelligence - Room: Room 3Cafeteria - Room: CafeteriaDatabase Administration - Room: Room 1Database Development - Room: Room 2Professional Development - Room: Room 4Session Mix - Room: Room 5
08:30 AMRafael Salas

Planning your ETL architecture with SSIS

Level: Intermediate
Thomas LaRock

DBA Survivor

Level: Beginner

Aaron Nelson

The Dirty Dozen: PowerShell Scripts for Busy DBAs

Level: Beginner

Allen White

XQuery Basics

Level: Beginner

Andy Warren

Building a Professional Development Plan

Level: Beginner
Alan Brewer

SQL Server 2008 R2 Utility and Data-tier Apps

Level: Intermediate

9:45 AMDouglas McDowell

Realizing ROI for Business Intelligence Projects

Level: Intermediate

 Allen White

Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShell

Level: Advanced

William Pearson

Design and Implement Like Edison!

Level: Beginner
Stuart Ainsworth

The Social DBA: Resources for Career Building

Level: Beginner

Andy Leonard

Database Design for Developers

Level: Beginner

11:00 AMWayne Snyder

Information Visualization - Designing great Charts

Level: Advanced

 Jason Strate

Are You Following Your Own Best Practices?

Level: Beginner
Hope Foley

Working with Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008

Level: Beginner

Mark Tabladillo

Data Mining with PowerPivot 2010

Level: Intermediate
Jeremiah Peschka

Fundamentals of SQL Server Internals

Level: Beginner

12:15 PM Kevin Kline


Level: Beginner
01:00 PMCraig Utley

Analysis Services 2008 End-to-End

Level: Beginner
 Arie Jones

Monitoring Data Changes with Change Data Capture

Level: Intermediate
Jack Cannon

From Access To SQL Server

Level: Beginner

Jeremiah Peschka

Taking Control of Your Career

Level: Beginner

Glenn Berry

DMV Emergency Room!

Level: Intermediate
02:15 PMJessica Moss

Make Reporting Services Work For You

Level: Intermediate

 Kendra Little

Take the Awesomeness Home: the Data Collector

Level: Beginner
Kevin Boles

Common TSQL Mistakes

Level: Intermediate

John Welch

Creating Custom Components for SSIS

Level: Intermediate
Brian Kelley

Fortress SQL Server

Level: Intermediate
03:30 PMBarry Ralston

Introduction to MDX for SQL Programmers

Level: Beginner
 Thomas LaRock

What Are You Waiting For?

Level: Intermediate

Robert Cain

Data Dude - Making DB developers more productive

Level: Intermediate

Drew Minkin

Data Mining in Action: A case study

Level: Advanced

Andy Warren

Introduction to SQL Server Statistics

Level: Beginner
4:45 PM Experts Panel

Stump the "Experts"

Level: Beginner

Submitted Sessions

Here is the list of sessions submitted so far. Our goal is to feature as many different speakers and topics as possible, but space limitations prevent us from accepting every session. This list is also a great way for those thinking about speaking to see what might be on the agenda and enter a session that doesn't collide with an existing one.

A Gentle Introduction to NoSQLJeremiah PeschkaBeginner
Add It Up: Analysis Services AggregationsCraig UtleyAdvanced
Advanced TSQL SolutionsKevin BolesAdvanced
Analysis Services 2008 End-to-EndCraig UtleyBeginner
Analytics with SSAS and PerformancePoint ServicesBarry RalstonIntermediate
Are You Following Your Own Best Practices?Jason StrateBeginner
Attribute Discretization in Analysis ServicesWilliam PearsonIntermediate
Automate SQL Server Administration with PowerShellAllen WhiteIntermediate
Automate Your DBA World With PowershellArie JonesIntermediate
Avoid Slow SSAS Queries: MDX Query TroubleshootingCraig UtleyAdvanced
Build Your First SSIS PackageAndy LeonardBeginner
Building a Professional Development PlanAndy WarrenBeginner
Collecting and Analyzing File & Wait StatisticsKevin BolesAdvanced
Common TSQL MistakesKevin BolesIntermediate
Conducting Effective MeetingsJoe WebbIntermediate
Confessions of a Data Integrator: Supporting Bad DStuart AinsworthIntermediate
Creating Custom Components for SSISJohn WelchIntermediate
Data Dude - Making DB developers more productiveRobert CainIntermediate
Data Mining in Action: A case studyDrew MinkinAdvanced
Data Mining with PowerPivot 2010Mark TabladilloIntermediate
Database Design for DevelopersAndy LeonardBeginner
Database Design FundamentalsLouis DavidsonIntermediate
DBA SurvivorThomas LaRockBeginner
Delivering BI DataCraig UtleyBeginner
Delivering BI Solutions Rapidly using VulcanJohn WelchIntermediate
Design and Implement Like Edison!William PearsonBeginner
Developing Custom Components for SSIS John WelchAdvanced
DMV Emergency Room!Glenn BerryIntermediate
Do It Right: Best Practices for Analysis ServicesCraig UtleyIntermediate
Do SQL Server Certifications Really Matter?Jason StrateBeginner
Documenting Your Integrated Microsoft BI SolutionWilliam PearsonBeginner
Efficient Data Warehouse DesignDr. Suresh RajappaAdvanced
EPM using R2 and SharePoint 2010Daniel EvansIntermediate
Eventual Consistency Using SQL ServerJeremiah PeschkaBeginner
Exploring SQL Server UtilityHope FoleyBeginner
Extended Events, Work Smarter Not Harder Jason StrateIntermediate
Extract, Transform, and Load your Data WarehouseJessica MossBeginner
Fortress SQL ServerBrian KelleyIntermediate
From Access To SQL ServerJack CannonBeginner
Fundamentals of SQL Server InternalsJeremiah PeschkaBeginner
Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShellAllen WhiteAdvanced
Getting Started in IT ConsultingJoe WebbIntermediate
Getting To Know Your IndexesJason StrateIntermediate
Handling FILESTREAM in SQL Server 2008 R2Arie JonesIntermediate
Helping Your User Group Grow and Be HealthyBrian KelleyBeginner
Information Visualization - Designing great ChartsWayne SnyderAdvanced
Insights into SQL Server 2008R2 StreamInsightRobert CainIntermediate
Intro to Data Warehousing With SQL Server 2008 R2Arie JonesBeginner
Introduction to MDX for SQL ProgrammersBarry RalstonBeginner
Introduction to SQL Server Query TuningBrian KelleyBeginner
Introduction to SQL Server StatisticsAndy WarrenBeginner
KeynoteKevin KlineBeginner
Make Reporting Services Work For YouJessica MossIntermediate
Managing Database Schemas With VS201 DB projectsRafael SalasBeginner
Maximizing your Marketability in the IT WorkplaceRobert CainIntermediate
Migrate Data with PowerShell and SQL ServerAllen WhiteIntermediate
Monitoring Data Changes with Change Data CaptureArie JonesIntermediate
Off and Running with PowerPivot for Excel 2010Robert CainIntermediate
Patterns for SSIS Configuration and DeploymentJohn WelchIntermediate
Patterns for SSIS Configuration and DeploymentJohn WelchIntermediate
PHP and SQL Server - Open Source meets Enterprise Robert CainIntermediate
Planning your ETL architecture with SSISRafael SalasIntermediate
PowerPivot: Delivering Self-Serve BICraig UtleyBeginner
PowerShell 2.0 Beyond the BasicsAaron NelsonIntermediate
PowerShell for Data ProfessionalsAaron NelsonIntermediate
Processing Flat Files with SSISJohn WelchIntermediate
Processing Flat Files with SSISJohn WelchIntermediate
Realizing ROI for Business Intelligence ProjectsDouglas McDowellIntermediate
Reports for the Open Source World - SSRS for PHPRobert CainIntermediate
Schemas and Security, Oh My!Brian KelleyIntermediate
Selecting Database Hardware for OLTP PerformanceGlenn BerryIntermediate
Spiffy New Features in SQL Server 2008 R2 SSRSRobert CainIntermediate
SQL Server 2008 R2 Utility and Data-tier AppsAlan BrewerIntermediate
SQL Server AuditThomas LaRockBeginner
SQL Server Encryption DecryptedBrian KelleyIntermediate
SQL Server Full Text Searching for DBAs and DevsRobert CainIntermediate
SQL Server Locking & Blocking Made SimpleJoe WebbIntermediate
SQL Server Memory Deep DiveKevin BolesAdvanced
SQL Server Partitioning from A to ZKevin BolesIntermediate
SQL Server Replication Demystified Arie JonesIntermediate
SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 Unleashed!Arie JonesIntermediate
SQL Server Service BrokerDan CrawfordIntermediate
SSIS Design Patterns Andy LeonardAdvanced
Stay Agile, Stay SaneKendra LittleBeginner
Stump the "Experts"Experts PanelBeginner
Take Control with Resource Governor and PBMArie JonesIntermediate
Take the Awesomeness Home: the Data CollectorKendra LittleBeginner
Taking Control of Your CareerJeremiah PeschkaBeginner
Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: Hook Up MSX and CMSKendra LittleBeginner
The Art & Science of Great Technical PresentationsJoe WebbBeginner
The Decoder Ring for DW/BI with SQL ServerRobert CainIntermediate
The Dirty Business of AuditingBrian KelleyBeginner
The Dirty Dozen: PowerShell Scripts for Busy DBAsAaron NelsonBeginner
The PowerShell Cookbook for the DBAJoe WebbIntermediate
The Social DBA: Resources for Career BuildingStuart AinsworthBeginner
Trigger Happy Database SecurityBrian KelleyBeginner
Using PowerShell With SQL ServerAlan BrewerBeginner
Using XML to Query Execution Plans Jason StrateIntermediate
What Are You Waiting For?Thomas LaRockIntermediate
What’s New in Reporting Services 2008 and 2008 R2?William PearsonBeginner
Who Needs a Data Warehouse?Jessica MossBeginner
Why Data Warehousing Projects FailCraig UtleyBeginner
Working with Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008 Hope FoleyBeginner
XQuery BasicsAllen WhiteBeginner
You Got XML In My Database? What's Up With That? Stuart AinsworthBeginner

Suggested Sessions

Thinking about participating as a speaker but no ideas for the topic? Often our attendees will have an idea for you! Or, submit a suggestion of your own.

Suggested Session TitleSkill Level
SQL InjectionIntermediate

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