SQLSaturday 534

Krakow, Poland

PASS SQLSaturday is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more. This event will be held on Oct 01 2016 at Qubus Hotel Kraków, ul. Nadwiślańska 6, Kraków, Krakow, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, 30-527, Poland

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Welcome to SQLSaturday Krakow 2016

PASS and Polish SQL Server User Group invite you to Krakow for the first Polish edition of SQLSaturday.
You have to be there! Do not miss your Chance!

Pre-Conference Workshops

Friday, September 30th

PreConf #1 PL: Building efficient data warehousing, reporting and analytics solutions with Microsoft Data Platform
Paweł Potasiński, Marek Adamczuk

The world is constantly speeding up driven by information. People have become impatient, wanting to get all the answers from business information systems immediately. At the same time organizations around the world compete to better utilize a huge potential hidden in data to gain a competitive advantage. The purpose of this pre-conf session will be to show, by real-life samples, how Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server 2016 and more) can help to win the race against time and grab the information with a speed of light (performance!), share it across the organization (mobile!), and discover new business values in data (advanced analytics!).
Sesja w języku polskim.

PreConf #2 EN: Analysis of your SQL Server like a PRO
Uwe Ricken (MCM & MVP)

SQL Server is a mission critical database platform but is sensitive to misconfigurations, bad practices, sub-optimal indexing strategies and poor coding mistakes. Even the fastest hardware can end up performing like a ZX-81 if you get things wrong.

If you are a Database Administrator or Consultant who is responsible for expert performance analysis, problem detection and tuning of the SQL engine then it is important you are able to analyse and tune SQL Server like a BOSS. In this full training day, I will explain how to identify and resolve serious real world performance problems using concrete examples, demonstrations, possible effects and answers. This workshop will provide over 40 scripts which can be used directly in the workshop on your own machines during the day and we shall simulate performance problems and look to resolve them using a top-down. A selection of things you can look forward to learning and experiencing during the day are:

  • Waits and Queues methodology
  • Instance and database level configuration
  • TempDB importance and optimization
  • Index Analysis and tuning
  • Humour (yes Germans can be funny too!)
    Session in English   

PreConf #3 EN: Practical SQL Server Migrations [2014/2016/Azure]
Neil Hambly (MVP)

Undertaking a SQL Server Migration is not a simple project and one most have rarely attempted more than a handful of times, this pre-con is built on experience gained from delivering many such projects across many diverse environments and using the latest options available to deliver a successful project for a handful of instances to the 100’s.

This ‘focused 1-day’ pre-con will cover how to approach ‘Practical SQL Server Migrations’, with a focus on the myriad of approaches, techniques & tips to use and spans the versions SQL Server 2000 – 2016.

  • Planning for Success
  • Skills & Tools for the Job – Putting together the TEAM
  • Creating Inventories & Baselines
  • Mitigating common issues and challenges during migrations
  • Designing for On-Premises, Azure or Hybrid environments
  • Designing for Highly Available SQL Server Solutions
  • Licensing – Design’s to maximize those licensing $£€¥ <.ul>

    Attendees using their own laptops can work through a migration simulation in Virtual Architecture LAB
    Prior experience of SQL Server with an understanding of the SQL Server, this is not intended for beginners [3+ Years’ experience with SQL Server is recommended]
    Session in English

PreConf #4 EN: SQL Server Performance Tuning. Old-School Practical Guide.
Denis Reznik (MVP)

Level: 200-400
In this session, we will find answers to all these questions going from collecting data for analysis, through identifying bottlenecks to optimization of the particular queries. On the way, we will learn performance tuning practical techniques and solve a bunch of issues in real-time. All this will be done using plain old tools, which are available on your system by default: Profiler, Performance Monitor, SSMS, and DMVs. Minimum of theory and a lot of practice.
Prerequisites: Basic experience in using SQL Server Management Studio, Profiler, DMVs. Basic experience in query plan analysis.
Goals: Learn how to find performance bottlenecks. Learn how to improve performance issues in a bunch of situations. Learn and remind basic concepts of Query Processing, Storage Engine and SQLOS.
Session in English.

SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. Please register soon as seating is limited, and let friends and colleagues know about the event.

This is the first SQLSaturday in Poland!

Polish SQL Server User Group

PLSSUG is a professional association and group of Microsoft Data Platform specialists. For 8 years we organize a well-received, the biggest (in this part of Europe) database solutions conference – SQLDay. Despite it is our first SQL Saturday event, PLSSUG has a lot of experience in running those types of meetings which guarantees high quality content, excellent conditions for expanding knowledge and for professional networking.

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PASS SQLSaturdays are local events organized by PASS community members around the world. PASS is a not-for-profit association for data professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform, offering interactive learning built by community and guided by trusted data experts.

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