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PASS SQLSaturday is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more. This event will be held on Dec 03 2016 at The Microsoft Technology Center, 5404 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 700, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 20815, United States

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Welcome to SQLSaturday

SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. Admittance to this event is free, all costs other than the non-refundable $15 lunch fee are covered by donations and sponsorships. Please register soon as seating is limited, and let friends and colleagues know about the event.

Pre-cons Available!

We are very excited to have 2 prominent experts providing pre-cons this year. Get a day of training at an amazing price the day before SQL Saturday!

David Klee presents: The Complete Primer to SQL Server Infrastructure

Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert David Klee leads this full-day introduction to getting the most out of the infrastructure underneath your SQL Server environment. The focus of the course is to help those new to the enterprise server infrastructure concepts become familiar with function and purpose of each layer of the architecture around their databases, and how this knowledge can benefit them as data professionals. Participants will gain exposure to all layers of infrastructure and virtualization underneath SQL Server, from storage all the way through to the SQL Server instance, and will learn how to review and engineer the entire stack with a strong emphasis on SQL Server performance.

Register for David's pre-con here.


Adam Machanic presents: Tuning Your Biggest Queries

Today's database workloads are all about bigger, better, and more: bigger data, better analytics, and more insights. While these improvements can be great for your business users, on the technology side they often translate into large, lumbering queries that monopolize the server and test the patience of even the calmest of analysts. This full-day seminar is specifically designed to help you tune these extra tough queries. The day begins by establishing a solid foundation for reading and understanding how query plans work, and what is and is not important to pay attention to when reading a plan. Next you will learn about plan shaping: types of query rewrites that work, which rewrites are bound to fail, and the various query hints you might want to leverage in especially difficult situations. Real-world application of these techniques will be covered with a discussion around how to understand what kind of plan is ideal given the particulars of a situation, and the introduction of an approach to help you analyze and fix even the biggest query plans. The day concludes with a look at various indexing strategies and patterns--both common and alternative, including a look at the  applicability of columnstores in SQL Server 2016 and beyond. You will leave the class armed with an array of tools and ideas to help you tame even the biggest queries in your environment. 

Register For Adam's pre-con here.

 Remember that if you register for a pre-con it does NOT automatically register you for SQL Saturday. Don't forget to register for our free day of training on SAturday as well!

Notice of Venue Regulations

Due to Microsoft MTC policies, we are not permitted to have unsupervised children at our event. This includes the children of attendees, speakers, organizers, and sponsors. This doesn ot mean they can't come, it just means that If you bring a child along they must remain with you or a guardian at all times.

There are no baby-sitting services provided at the event.

We regret having to make this announcement but this is a professional event, and to be able to use the amazing venue that Microsoft graciously donates we must adhere to these requirements.


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Pre-cons have been selected and will be announced shortly!Keep an eye to the left for links to the 2 pre-cons we will have available and information on how to register. Read More

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What is a PASS SQLSaturday?

PASS SQLSaturdays are local events organized by PASS community members around the world. PASS is a not-for-profit association for data professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform, offering interactive learning built by community and guided by trusted data experts.

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