Dan Andrews

Database Architect, TMW Systems

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Dan is a father, husband, DBA, .NET Developer, and Freemason.  He works for TMW Systems as a Database Architect.  Previously, he's been a Lead Software Developer, Architect, and DBA.  He started with SQL 2000 (unless you count DBase IV) and have written enterprise/layered applications since .NET became a thing.  His computer geek timeline starts during the Atari-Commodore wars - back when it was all the rage to have a 300 baud acoustical modem and develop in Atari Pascal.  He will be your friend if you've ever read on a screen, "It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue".

When he gets stuck on a problem he goes fishing.  He recommends outdoors as a therapy.

Regular Session (60 minutes):

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