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Dallas, United States

PASS SQLSaturday is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more. This event will be held on May 19 2018 at UTDallas, The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, 800 W. Campbell Road, Richardson, TX, Dallas, Texas, 75080-3021, United States

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SQL Saturday Parking Info



Below is a map of where attendees should park (only in the PS4 parking garage), and where the event will take place on the UTD Richardson campus on Saturday, May 19th. 

MAP OF UTD CAMPUS & WHERE TO PARK: https://tinyurl.com/SQLSatMap

The map above shows both where to park and the exact location of the venue on the UTD campus.



It is VERY IMPORTANT that you print a parking permit and put it in the dash of your vehicle.

PARKING PERMIT: https://tinyurl.com/SQLSATPARK

Pre-conference Sessions

We are thrilled to welcome three (3) distinguished industry experts  delivering three (3) Pre-Cons this year!!

Thomas LeBlanc and Kevin Hill, who will each be hosting FULL DAY pre-cons this year


Rick Lowe will  be presenting  a HALF DAY pre-con.

Come attend an amazing in-depth day of training, the day before SQL Saturday! 

  • If you register for a pre-con: you must still register to attend SQL Saturday.
  • If you register for a pre-con and are on the SQL Saturday wait-list: please e-mail a copy of your pre-con registration receipt to sqlsaturday734@sqlsaturday.com.

Thomas LeBlanc presents: Power BI On-Premise in a Day

This day long session will concentrate on what currently can be done On-Premise with Power BI. Time will be spent on connecting to various data sources. Data modeling will include inside on Power BI and using a Tabular Model for enterprise modeling. Measures will be created to show the power of the DAX language/functions and expanded with Time Intelligence for impressing data consumers in an organization. Data modeling will show attendees why a majority of time is spent on data structure, importing and cleansing data. The visuals are the cool stuff, but not a lot of time has to be spent here if the data is well structured. But, we will still show canned visuals, filters, custom visuals in addition to R Scripts. The formatting and interaction between visuals and filters will complete the dashboard look to the Power BI report. The last function is to show how to use in the new Power BI Report Server. We might even see a dashboard with the Mobile Report tool (DataZen).

Register For Thomas' Precon Here (Full Day)

Kevin Hill Presents: DBA Fundamentals - give yourself a solid SQL Foundation!

This class is designed for New or Non-DBAs struggling with SQL admin tasks, and having to Google things daily. I will teach you SQL Server fundamentals so that you will have confidence in:

  • What makes up a SQL Server
  • How a database is structured
  • How to install and what to look out for
  • Finding what you need in Management Studio
  • SQL Security Basics
  • How to create and manage backups
  • How to create a database
  • Basic performance troubleshooting
  • Picking a Disaster Recovery option for your environment

These are taught from a foundational standpoint, in simple to understand terms so that you can build on them with confidence. My teaching is heavy on interaction, with examples from years of experience/mistakes. There will be a mix of slides and demos. I'll skip many advanced features that are out of scope of a beginner class, as I don't want your head to explode! Join me for the day and you will walk out with a strong grasp of SQL Admin basics!


Register for Kevin's Pre-Con here (Full Day)


Rick Lowe presents: Entity Framework / LINQ / NOLOCK & SQL Server Code that scales (Half-Day)

Most database developers have been told at some point that using the NOLOCK hint is dangerous ... and yet many source control repositories are stuffed to the gills with NOLOCK. Why? Most likely because blocking is a real problem and NOLOCK does often help reduce blocking. If we accept that NOLOCK is bad then what strategies should be used instead to reduce blocking? It can be extremely difficult (impossible?) to find a DBA that is excited about supporting LINQ to Entities (or other object relational mapper) workloads. And yet LINQ is still pretty frequently used. Why? Most likely because non-ORM alternatives such as ADO.Net are a lot more work for the developers. Is this a hopeless conflict, or can deloper teams do things to make DBA lives less painful when using LINQ? If you’ve ever been frustrated by the feeling you’re told what not to do, without positive guidance on alternatives, this half day session may be for you.

Register for Rick's Pre-Con Here (Half-Day)

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What is a PASS SQLSaturday?

PASS SQLSaturdays are local events organized by PASS community members around the world. PASS is a not-for-profit association for data professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform, offering interactive learning built by community and guided by trusted data experts.

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