Brandie Tarvin

Database Administrator, Allstate Credit Division

Database Administrator by day and Author by night Brandie Tarvin sails pirate-populated waters, fights evil robots in disguise and turns kingdoms into chaotic rebellious city-states all while coding ETL processes and protecting real-world data from corruption. If it weren't for her, someone else would have the job and where would be the fun in that?

Brandie's first computer experience was with a State-of-the-Art Commodore 64 brought home by her father, who informed her that "computers are NOT toys" and would not let her use it until she learned how to program. In late 2003, she turned her hobbies of programming, MUSHing and assisting friends with generic tech support into a full time career as a database administrator. She's been stuck in the fabulous and bizarre world of professional IT work ever since.

Currently, Brandie is a Database Administrator & Developer for Allstate Dealer Services in Jacksonville. She has published several articles on, trains her co-workers in SQL Server, and has previously presented at several SQL Saturday events and JSSUG meetings. She also writes fiction and freelances for Catalyst Game Labs in her spare time. 

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