Here is our schedule for the upcoming event. We've done our best to provide a good mix of topics and skill levels, we hope you'll find something of interest throughout the day. Our thanks to the speakers listed below for volunteering their time, we couldn't do it without them. If there are schedule changes we will make them here as they happen. We encourage you to check back a few days before the event just in case we have had to move one of your favorite sessions.

Note: Some speakers alternately upload their sessions to their own blog sites, which you can locate their site when you click on their session below.

Start Time1202 (Auditorium 2) - Room: 12021400 - Room: 14001402 - Room: 14021404 - Room: 14041406 - Room: 1406BI (Auditorium 1) -1102 - Room: 1102
09:00 AMPlamen Ratchev

T-SQL Enhancements in Denali

Level: Intermediate

Phillip E Rosen

BI dashboards with OLAP formulas, and Share Point

Level: Intermediate

Chris Albrektson

Business Intelligence: Around the Horn

Level: Beginner
Andy Warren

Building a Professional Development Plan

Level: Beginner

Scott Gleason

SQL Server 2008 Installation Best Practices

Level: Intermediate
Mike Davis

Introduction to Business Intelligence

Level: Beginner

10:15 AMDon Stevic

The Fundamentals of DBA-ism

Level: Beginner

James McAuliffe

SSIS: Lookup Between the Lines

Level: Intermediate

Shawn Harrison

Creating Your First Dashboard in SSRS

Level: Beginner

John Welch

Tuning Analysis Services Processing Performance

Level: Intermediate

Tim Radney

You inherited a database, now what?

Level: Beginner

Brad Schacht

Introduction To SSIS

Level: Beginner
11:15 AMTom Brenneman

How to build your brand

Level: Beginner
    Donny Johns

Accelerating BI Development with BIxPress

Level: Beginner
12:15 PMBenjamin Evans

.Net for the DBA

Level: Beginner

Michael Antonovich

Introduction to PowerPivot for Excel

Level: Beginner

Douglas Brendle

What is this Cache and why is it so big?

Level: Intermediate

Jorge Novo

SSIS Programmatically

Level: Intermediate

Kendal Van Dyke

DR Availability,You're Wanted in the Recovery Room

Level: Intermediate

Kyle Walker

Taking SSIS to the Next Level

Level: Intermediate

01:30 PMBrian K McDonald

Reporting Services Deep Dive

Level: Intermediate

Eric Wisdahl

SSIS - Data Flow Buffer Breakdown

Level: Intermediate

Brandie Tarvin

Designing a Data Recovery (and Backup) Solution

Level: Intermediate

Troy Gallant

Introduction to Transactional Replication

Level: Beginner
Kevin Boles

Advanced TSQL Solutions

Level: Advanced

Adam Jorgensen

Introduction to Analysis Services

Level: Intermediate
02:45 PMDevin Knight

Introduction to MDX

Level: Beginner

Brian Knight

Data Mining 101

Level: Beginner
David Bermingham

Multisite Clusters for HA and Disaster Recovery

Level: Beginner
David Dye

Implementing auditing in SQL Server

Level: Beginner

Bradley Ball

Page and Row Compression How, Why, and When

Level: Intermediate

Jose Chinchilla

What's new in Denali for SSIS, SSAS and SSRS

Level: Beginner
04:00 PMKevin Boles

SQL Injection

Level: Intermediate

Vikas Hawaldar

Data Mining Addin in Excel

Level: Intermediate
Mike Mollenhour

Sql trivia

Level: Beginner
Dmitri Korotkevitch

Adopt, Discover and Improve

Level: Intermediate

David Fekke

SQL CE 4.0 for Prototyping

Level: Intermediate
Brian Knight

Iron Chef Jacksonville BI Edition

Level: Beginner

Submitted Sessions

Here is the list of sessions submitted so far. Our goal is to feature as many different speakers and topics as possible, but space limitations prevent us from accepting every session. This list is also a great way for those thinking about speaking to see what might be on the agenda and enter a session that doesn't collide with an existing one.

Pivot Tables & Charts from T-SQL thru SharePointMichael AntonovichIntermediate
.Net for the DBABenjamin EvansBeginner
Accelerating BI Development with BIxPressDonny JohnsBeginner
Adopt, Discover and ImproveDmitri KorotkevitchIntermediate
Advanced TSQL SolutionsKevin BolesAdvanced
An Overview of PowerPivotWilliam PearsonBeginner
An Overview of PowerPivot for ExcelWilliam PearsonIntermediate
An Overview of PowerPivot in SharePointWilliam PearsonIntermediate
Attribute Discretization in Analysis Services (BI)William PearsonIntermediate
Becoming DAX: An Introduction ... William PearsonBeginner
Beyond Plateaux: Optimize SSAS via Best PracticesWilliam PearsonIntermediate
BI dashboards with OLAP formulas, and Share PointPhillip E RosenIntermediate
Building a Professional Development PlanAndy WarrenBeginner
Building Hierarchy Solutions with SQL Server 2008Plamen RatchevAdvanced
Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010Adam JorgensenIntermediate
Business Intelligence: Around the HornChris AlbrektsonBeginner
Column Level EncryptionDavid DyeBeginner
Configuring and Extending SSISBrad SchachtIntermediate
Configuring SQL Access for the Web Developer\AdminKendal Van DykeBeginner
Creating Your First Dashboard in SSRSShawn HarrisonBeginner
Data Mining 101Tejas PatelBeginner
Data Mining 101Brian KnightBeginner
Data Mining Addin in ExcelVikas HawaldarIntermediate
Database Design with performance in mindDmitri KorotkevitchBeginner
Design and Implement BI Like Edison!William PearsonIntermediate
Designing a Data Recovery (and Backup) SolutionBrandie TarvinIntermediate
Designing and Optimizing Hierarchies in SSAS 2008Jose ChinchillaAdvanced
Do More (ETL) with Less (Effort) - Automating SSISJohn WelchAdvanced
Do You Know the Data Flow?John WelchIntermediate
Documenting Your Integrated Microsoft BI SolutionWilliam PearsonIntermediate
DR Availability,You're Wanted in the Recovery RoomKendal Van DykeIntermediate
Dynamic File Naming in SSISBrandie TarvinIntermediate
Entity Strategies: Structuring Your ConsultancyWilliam PearsonBeginner
Execution Plan BasicsThomas LeBlancIntermediate
Fundamentals of Join OperationsKevin BolesBeginner
Funding Your Software Project in Two Easy StepsJared NielsenIntermediate
Getting Started In Blogging And Technical SpeakingKendal Van DykeBeginner
Getting Started with MDXWilliam PearsonBeginner
How to build your brandTom BrennemanBeginner
Identity Crisis: All About Identity ColumnsJonathon MoormanBeginner
Implementing auditing in SQL ServerDavid DyeBeginner
Indexes: The Tree of LifeDaniel TaylorBeginner
Indexing and Query OptimizationJarrod EdgeAdvanced
Introduction to Analysis ServicesAdam JorgensenIntermediate
Introduction to Business IntelligenceMike DavisBeginner
Introduction to MDXDevin KnightBeginner
Introduction to Microsoft Solver Foundation Tejas PatelBeginner
Introduction to PowerPivot for Excel Michael AntonovichBeginner
Introduction to SQL Server StatisticsAndy WarrenBeginner
Introduction To SSISBrad SchachtBeginner
Introduction to SSIS: Part IIKyle WalkerIntermediate
Introduction to Transactional ReplicationTroy GallantBeginner
Introduction to TriggersJack CorbettBeginner
Iron Chef Jacksonville BI EditionBrian KnightBeginner
LightSwitch Data and Query DesignAlex TocituBeginner
Loading a Data Warehouse in SSISDevin KnightIntermediate
Locking and Blocking for DevelopersDmitri KorotkevitchIntermediate
Making sense of SQL Server availability optionsDavid BerminghamBeginner
Managing SSRS using RS.exeCancelled CancelledIntermediate
Many-to-Many: Multiple Calendars in a Single CubeWilliam PearsonAdvanced
MDX 101: Introduction to MDXDustin RyanBeginner
Modelling Using Microsoft Solver Foundation Excel Tejas PatelBeginner
Multisite Clusters for HA and Disaster RecoveryDavid BerminghamBeginner
Overview: The Server Side of PowerPivotWilliam PearsonIntermediate
Page and Row Compression How, Why, and WhenBradley BallIntermediate
Parallel Query Execution Deep DiveKevin BolesAdvanced
Performance Tuning With Execution PlansEric WisdahlIntermediate
Predictive programming 101Tejas PatelBeginner
Reporting Services Deep DiveBrian K McDonaldIntermediate
Revive the code: refactoring for performanceDmitri KorotkevitchIntermediate
SANs and SQL ServerKevin BolesIntermediate
Solving Real Life Production IssuesDale CunninghamIntermediate
SQL and SEO - a DBA's Guide to Search EnginesJared NielsenIntermediate
SQL CE 4.0 for PrototypingDavid FekkeIntermediate
SQL InjectionKevin BolesIntermediate
SQL Internals, Recovery Modes, &Backups! OH MY!Bradley BallBeginner
SQL Server 2008 Installation Best PracticesScott GleasonIntermediate
SQL Server and CLRJarrod EdgeIntermediate
SQL Server Memory Deep DiveKevin BolesAdvanced
SQL Smackdown SSRS vs Performance PointMike DavisIntermediate
Sql triviaMike MollenhourBeginner
SSIS - Data Flow Buffer BreakdownEric WisdahlIntermediate
SSIS and SSRS Better TogetherCancelled CancelledIntermediate
SSIS Programmatically Jorge NovoIntermediate
SSIS: Data Late Than NeverJames McAuliffeIntermediate
SSIS: Lookup Between the LinesJames McAuliffeIntermediate
SSIShare The Code, ManJames McAuliffeIntermediate
SSRS data driven subscription using SSISCancelled CancelledIntermediate
Stored procedure tracing using the xml datatype Cancelled CancelledBeginner
Taking SSIS to the Next LevelKyle WalkerIntermediate
TempDB, It is more than just a system database!Tim RadneyIntermediate
The Art of the TraceDon StevicIntermediate
The Fundamentals of DBA-ismDon StevicBeginner
The Trials of TroubleshootingBrandie TarvinBeginner
Tips & Tricks for dynamic SSRS ReportsPam ShawBeginner
To click or to type, that is the question Cancelled CancelledBeginner
Transparent Data Encryption Inside and OutBradley BallIntermediate
Troubleshooting Transactional ReplicationKendal Van DykeIntermediate
T-SQL Enhancements in DenaliPlamen RatchevIntermediate
Tuning Analysis Services Processing PerformanceJohn WelchIntermediate
Using External Data in SharePoint and Microsoft OfMichael AntonovichIntermediate
Using Parameters in SSRSMike DavisIntermediate
Using the XML Datasource in SSISCancelled CancelledIntermediate
Viagra for your SSIS package: Tips for performanceJose ChinchillaAdvanced
What are you WAITING for?Douglas BrendleIntermediate
What is this Cache and why is it so big?Douglas BrendleIntermediate
What's new in Denali for SSIS, SSAS and SSRS Jose ChinchillaBeginner
Why Do I Need a Data Warehouse & Where Do I Start?Devin KnightIntermediate
Writing a Better Where ClauseScott GleasonBeginner
You inherited a database, now what?Tim RadneyBeginner
Zen and the Art of Writing SQL QueryPlamen RatchevIntermediate

Suggested Sessions

Thinking about participating as a speaker but no ideas for the topic? Often our attendees will have an idea for you! Or, submit a suggestion of your own.

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