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Jun 09, 2018

Sponsorship Plan

Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of SQL Saturday in LA #773. We have put together some sponsorship packages that we hope you would enjoy. All proceeds go to a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Event Overview

SQL Saturday in Los Angeles is a full day event put together by a group of dedicated volunteers from the Greater Los Angeles area SQL Server community. It is where speakers from all over the world come together to share their knowledge and provide quality content to the local SQL database professionals. Our experience last year has demonstrated a growing demand for an environment where people are given the opportunity to network and learn alongside their peers. We expect to achieve the same level of attendance and attract over 350 participants.

Available Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship range from $0 to $1,000 $1,500 (no longer available) depending on the package you select, and we are always willing to discuss custom solutions to meet your expectations.



Venue Community Swag Bronze Silver Gold


Amount $0 $0 $0 $200 $400 $800 $1000 $1500
Logo and URL displayed on the event web site x x x x x x x x
Sponsor-provided promotional materials included in the attendee packet x x x x x x x x
SQL Saturday in LA LinkedIn group posts x x x x x x x x

@SQLSatLA Tweets: “Brought To You By”

x x x x x x x x

@SQLSatLA Tweets: “Big Thank You”

x x x x x x x x
@SQLSatLA Tweets: “Big Shout-out Goes To” x x x x x x x x
Must provide a raffle prize ($50.00 value minimum, not included in the price of the sponsor package) Optional x x x x
A sponsor table and two chairs x x x x
Raffle ticket box and QR code scan reports with custom matching of unreadable tickets x x x x
One post-event email blast to all attendees on your behalf from the SQL Saturday Organizers x x x x
Product Focused Sponsor lunch session (based on availability, first come first serve) x x x x

A copy of the final attendee list with contact information after the event (attendee opt-in required)

x x x
One pre-event email blast to all attendees on your behalf from the SQL Saturday Organizers x x x
Sponsor a session** (based on availability, first come first server) x x x
An opportunity to give a brief 2 to 3 minute pitch of their product to the audience before any session in the room named after the sponsor. x x

Sponsor a room*(based on availability, first come first serve)

x x
Sponsor a Coffee Breakfast x

*When you sponsor a room, the room will be named after your company and the company name will be displayed under Room Name on the schedule. The company name will also be displayed outside the room and inside the room during all sessions throughout the day. You would also have the opportunity to give a short 2 to 3 minute presentation before any or all session in that room throughout the day.

** When you sponsor a session, the name of your company will be displayed inside and outside the room during the sponsored session as "This session is Sponsored by".



All packages must be purchased and fully paid for before the event. To register as a sponsor just visit our Sponsor registration page to fill out our sponsorship registration form. We’ll email you an invoice that can be paid via credit card or check.

The Raffle – Your Key to Success!

The biggest challenge with community events is capturing contact information for follow ups. Few attendees will have business cards, and having them hand write their info often leads to a 30% or higher loss due to inability to read what they wrote! We provide attendees with a set of pre-printed raffle tickets (see below) that will contain their name and email address; they are then able to put these tickets into the raffle box at each sponsor table to try to win a prize. This gives you 100% readability and 0% loss! It is also more effective than any other technique we’ve seen for trying to capture contact information and that includes scanning their name badge.

Raffle Ticket

Because we want you to be successful all of our sponsorship levels include the requirement that you provide a prize of at least $50.00 in value, and that you provide full color 8-1/2 x 11 flyers that highlight the prize(s) you are providing for the raffle.

We provide the raffle box. We will have one table for all absent vendors placed in the same area with our onsite vendors. Raffle ticket collections will proceed through the end of the day. If someone from your team is present we will ask them to draw the winning ticket, otherwise we will draw the ticket. Attendees must be present to win. If there is a physical prize we will give it to them, otherwise we will forward you their contact information for you to follow up with them (for license keys, etc).

After the event we will mail you the raffle tickets from your box.

Event Logistics

We will open the doors to sponsors at 8:30 am TBD. Sponsors will be provided with one table and two chairs. Access to power outlets may be limited. Please let us know if you require a power outlet so that we can best accommodate. Tables will be located in the same area as the registration and breakfast area to encourage attendees to stop by your table. We encourage sponsors to remain on site through lunch and if possible to have a representative present at the end of the day to present your prize at the raffle.

Lunch will be provided to sponsors who have also registered as attendees. Please have everyone from your team who will be attending the event register here so that we can have enough food available.

Contact Us

We hope you’ll support this event! Please contact us at sqlsaturday773@sqlsaturday.com if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: This is an independently operated local event. The SQLSaturday logo and the website for the event have been provided to the event leader at no cost by PASS as a service to the SQL Server community. Local event leaders are not authorized by PASS to negotiate contracts, make commitments, or act on behalf of PASS in any capacity. PASS assumes no liability for issues or problems that may arise from the event at any point in time.

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