Sponsor Plan

Oct 06, 2018

Sponsorship Plan


Thank you for considering sponsoring SQLSaturday #796.

SQLSaturday is a free, 1-day, conference-style event for SQL Server professionals that focuses on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the efforts of volunteers.

We are expecting 400+ attendees at this year's event.

Event Overview

Think of a SQLSaturday as a one day conference. We bring in a lot of volunteer speakers, we have lunch on site, and we have a dedicated area set up for our attendees meet with our sponsors. We work hard to make our event a great experience for everyone, especially our sponsors that enable us to cover the working costs of this event. We’re expecting 400+ attendees at SQLSaturday #796.

How Much Does It Cost To Be a Sponsor?

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities. With commitments ranging from $250 to $3000, you're sure to find an option which fits your budget. We’re also willing to discuss custom solutions to meet your needs.

Sponsorship Benefits Platinum

(Limit 1)

Gold Silver Bronze
Prepaid Fee $3000 $1250 $750 $250
Sponsor Name/Logo/URL on SQLSaturday Website X X X X
Sponsor Name/URL in Event Mobile App X X X X
Sponsor Name and Logo on Printed Event Materials X X
Sponsor Logo on Event Slide Decks X X

Sponsor Name/Logo/URL on attendee email before and after event. X X
Job Posting / Flier Table
Table and 2 Chairs in Exhibitor Area X X X
Advanced Table Location Reservation X X
First Choice of Table Location X
Sponsor Bingo X X X
Raffle Allowed (Minimum $100 Value) X X X X
10 Minutes during Welcome Session X
Option to have Exclusive 20 Minute Session X
Guaranteed Event Passes and Complimentary Lunches 5 3 2 1

  • Bronze Sponsorship. $250 prepaid. Job Posting / Flier Table. Sponsor name and logo on SQLSaturday website. Sponsor Name and URL in Mobile App. Raffle allowed.
  • Silver Sponsorship. $750 prepaid. Everything from Bronze. Table at the event. Sponsor Bingo participant.
  • Gold Sponsorship. $1250 prepaid. Everything from Bronze and Silver. Sponsor logo on speaker slide decks and printed material. Sponsor name, logo, and URL on an email from SQLSaturday site. Advanced table choice. Additional Event Passes and Lunches.
  • Platinum Sponsorship. $3000 prepaid. Everything from Bronze, Silver, and Gold. First table choice. 10 minutes during welcome session. 20 minute exclusive session. Additional Event Passes and Lunches.


Sponsorship Upgrades (Deadline September 6th, 2018):


  • Speaker Dinner Sponsor ($1500)

    • This gives the sponsoring organization a chance to connect directly with the speakers who are influencers in the community. This allows the sponsor to send a representative to the dinner and the sponsor's information will be included in all communications about the dinner.

  • Speaker Ready Room Sponsor ($500)
    • Coffee and light snacks will be provided in a speaker ready room and sponsorship advertisement will be placed nearby and mentioned during the speaker dinner.
  • Light Breakfast Sponsor ($2000)

    • Signage at the breakfast area promoting your organization. (Breakfast will not be served without sponsorship.)

  • Afternoon Snack Sponsor ($1000)

    • Signage at the afternoon snack area promoting your organization. (Afternoon snack will not be served without sponsorship.)

  • Session Track Recording Sponsor ($2000)

    • Be identified as a sponsor for video recording of one track of the conference. Sponsorship will be noted in the video. Sponsor must acknowledge that the copyrights for the video belong to PASSMN. (Multiple instances of this upgrade are available.)

  • Post-Event Reception ($2000)

    • Community networking event with appetizers and drinks.

  • Rent a Classroom ($1500)
    • Sponsor will be provided a room which seats at least 30 people. The sponsor could host sessions, hands-on training, or other activities throughout the day

All fees must be paid in advance. To register as a sponsor just visit www.sqlsaturday.com and fill out our sponsorship registration form. We’ll email you an invoice that can be paid via credit card or check.

Benefit Details

  • Sponsor Name/Logo/URL on SQLSaturday Website
    • The SQLSaturday website will automatically provide for your logo to be displayed on the sponsorship page.
  • Sponsor Name/URL in Event Mobile App
    • The SQLSaturday website is integrated with the Guidebook mobile application, the the website's sponsor information automatically transfers to the app's data.
  • Sponsor Name and Logo on Printed Event Materials
    • Any officially printed event materials designed to be distributed to all attendees will carry these logos. No guarantee is made as to how many different printed materials there will be.
  • Sponsor Logo on Event Slide Decks
    • Speakers will be provided these logos and required to display them early in their presentations.
  • Sponsor Name/Logo/URL on attendee email before and after event.
    • Event organizers will send out at least two emails to all registered attendees, one before and one after the event, which list and thank these sponsors and include their logos.
  • Job Posting / Flier Table
    • A table will be provided with marked locations for each sponsor to place their printed materials. Sponsors will be responsible for placing and monitoring material supplies, unless special arrangement is made with event organizers. We encourage sponsors to use this space to advertise available career opportunities. No attendee or sponsor may place materials anywhere but their table or this shared table. Sponsors may not hover near or sit at this shared table.
  • Table and 2 Chairs in Exhibitor Area
    • A table and 2 chairs will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis the morning of the event.
  • Advanced Table Location Reservation
    • Organizers will coordinate table selection with the sponsor in advance.
  • First Choice of Table Location
    • Organizers will ensure sponsor receives the first choice of table location.
  • Sponsor Bingo
    • A card will be available to each attendee with each sponsor listed. Attendees will collect marks from each listed sponsor. Completed cards can be deposited into a special raffle. If there is no dedicated parking sponsor, we plan to provide a parking voucher for each completed sponsor bingo card.
  • Raffle Allowed (Minimum $100 Value)
    • Raffle participation is optional, but highly encouraged and expected, as it is the only way for sponsors to receive attendee contact information. Attendees deposit their raffle ticket into the (event-provided) bucket at the sponsor's table (or at the shared Job Posting / Flier Table). We draw winning tickets during the closing remarks. Sponsors get contact information for those who enter their raffle. Raffle prizes must be at least $100 in value.
  • 10 Minutes during Welcome Session
    • Before the first session, we will have an all-attendee welcome session in the theater. This benefit allows the sponsor to make a brief, 10-minute presentation during that session.
  • Option to have Exclusive 20 Minute Session
    • The schedule will provide for at least 20 minutes of contiguous networking time during which the sponsor with this benefit will be provided a room and will be allowed to present a session during which time no other official sessions will be scheduled. The session will be announced during the welcome session and will appear on the official schedule.
  • Guaranteed Event Passes and Complimentary Lunches
    • Sponsors will be guaranteed the relevant number of attendees. All attendees-- including those staffing the sponsor tables-- must register through the SQLSaturday website and agree to the code of conduct. We will provide complimentary lunches for those attendees identified by the sponsor. If the event is full, we will provide additional capacity as necessary.

The Raffle – Your Key to Success!

The biggest challenge with community events is capturing contact information for follow ups. Few attendees will have business cards, and having them hand write their info often leads to a 30% or higher loss due to illegibility. We provide attendees with a set of pre-printed raffle tickets (see below) that will contain a QR code. They are then able to put these tickets into the raffle box at each sponsor table to try to win a prize. Scanning the QR code authorizes the SQL Saturday system to release their name and email address to you. This gives you 100% readability and 0% loss! It is also more effective than any other technique we’ve seen for trying to capture contact information and that includes scanning their name badge.


Because we want you to be successful all of our sponsorship levels are highly encouraged to provide a prize. All raffle prizes must be at least $100 in value.


We provide the raffle box. We will have one table for all absentee vendors placed in the same areas with our onsite vendors. Raffle ticket collection will proceed through the end of the day. Winning tickets will be drawn during the closing remarks. If someone from your team is present we’ll ask them to draw the winning ticket; otherwise we’ll draw the ticket. Attendees must be present to win. If there is a physical prize we’ll give it to them on the spot. Otherwise, we’ll forward you their contact information for you to follow up with (for license keys, etc).


After the event, we will provide all vendors their raffle tickets. Sponsors are responsible for scanning their tickets' QR codes as this is the only way to get the attendee contact information. PASSMN will send the attendee contact information within 1 week once sponsor has confirmed their QR codes have been scanned completely.

Event Logistics

We’ll open the doors to sponsors at 7:30 am. Sponsors will be provided with table and two chairs, and limited access to 110v power (please let us know what you need in advance). Tables will be located in the same area as registration and breakfast to make it easy for attendees to stop by your table. We encourage sponsors to remain on site through at least lunch and if possible to have a representative present at the end of the day to present your prize at the end of day raffle.

Contact Us

We hope you’ll support this event! Please contact us at sqlsaturday796@sqlsaturday.com if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: This is an independently operated local event. The SQLSaturday logo and the website for the event have been provided to the event leader at no cost by PASS as a service to the SQL Server community. Local event leaders are not authorized by PASS to negotiate contracts, make commitments, or act on behalf of PASS in any capacity. PASS assumes no liability for issues or problems that may arise from the event at any point in time.

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