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Saturday, November 3, 2018 | Portland, Oregon | website


Contact:  SponsorTeam@oregonsql.org

Sponsorship Opportunities

SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 is a full day conference related to the technology of SQL Server and data. With the help of a lot of Volunteers, we provide excellent sessions, refreshments, and lunch –providing ample opportunities to interact with local professionals. We ensure there is adequate and comfortable space for Marquee and Gold Sponsors to meet with attendees, and network. We work hard to ensure that the SQLSaturday is a great experience for all, especially our Sponsors –without whom the event just would not happen.

This annual SQL Saturday event has grown steadily since 2010, and with the support of our Sponsors, remains free and open to the public. Last year, SQLSaturday Oregon attracted over 400 attendees to 40+ sessions led by 40 world-class presenters. We anticipate sustaining our year-over-year increase in attendance for SQLSaturday Oregon. The volunteer organizers of SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 are proud to offer the following Sponsorship opportunities.

In addition to the standard Sponsorship levels, we offer a select set of Marquee Sponsorship Opportunities. These are special ways to show your support of SQLSaturday Oregon 2018, and achieve maximum visibility for your company. Find details about these premium Marquee Sponsorship Opportunities on page 2.




Sponsor Benefits

Gold Sponsor

$1,250 and up

Display Table and chair(s). Excellent opportunity to meet attendees!

Sponsor Literature and/or Evaluation Software may be distributed at the table.

Sponsor may contribute a prize for drawing, collect personalized raffle tickets, and Sponsor may draw the winner and present the prize. Entrant contact data will be supplied in electronic form after the event.

Sponsor Acknowledgement for conjointly sponsoring Lunch for attendees.

Sponsor Logo and Name displayed on SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 website(s) and welcome banner.

Silver Sponsor

$750 and up

Sponsor may contribute a prize for drawing, collect personalized raffle tickets, and Sponsor may draw the winner and present the prize. Entrant contact data will be supplied in electronic form after the event.

Sponsor Logo and Name on SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 website(s) and welcome banner.

Bronze Sponsor

$500 and up

Sponsor may contribute a prize for drawing at the evening reception. (No entry forms or entrant contact data will be returned to Sponsor).

Sponsor Logo and Name on SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 website(s) and welcome banner.

Individual or Blogger

$25 and up

Name on SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 website(s) and our undying gratitude!

Marquee Sponsorship Opportunities

Support SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 with high visibility, high profile exposure for your company, organization, product or service with one of these premium Marquee Sponsorship Opportunities. Each of these represents a unique opportunity, so act now. They are available on a ‘first come’ basis.

Marquee Opportunity



Venue, Onsite and Badging Registration Expenses


Sponsor Logo and Name on Event and Room Signage –and each attendee badge.

All Gold Sponsor benefits.

Saturday Morning Refreshments

Healthy baked goods, fresh fruit & assorted beverages


Sponsor Logo and Name featured prominently on placard signs at refreshment stations.

All Silver Sponsor benefits.

Saturday Afternoon Refreshments

Healthy Snacks, fresh fruit & assorted beverages


Sponsor Logo and Name featured prominently on placard signs at refreshment stations.

All Silver Sponsor benefits.
(Combined morning and afternoon Refreshments receive Gold Sponsor Benefits.)

Additional Information

SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 is produced by and for the community of SQL developers, administrators, and affiliated disciplines. Event Sponsorship does not entail oversight or selection of topics or content.

SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 is sponsored by Oregon SQL, an IRS 503(c)3 educational charity. Credit card payments can be made online using Paypal. or checks can be sent to the address on page 3 of this form.

Marquee, Gold, and Silver Sponsors will receive a csv file containing the name/email list of the 'opt-in' attendees in addition to the entrants for Sponsor’s raffle item.

While SQLSaturday Oregon requires funds to operate, Sponsorship is also accepted in the form of ‘in-kind’ contributions where the goods or services provided are those required for SQLSaturday. We are especially interested in community groups helping plan and publicize the event. If you have any questions about how you can help, please contact us.

About ‘in-kind’ Sponsorships: We make a distinction between Sponsors that provide ‘cash’, and those that provide ‘in-kind’ Products and Services for raffles or other use. Our reasoning is thus:

A ‘cash’ Sponsor is providing the raw resource that is needed in order to produce SQLSaturday –it pays facility rents, provides equipment, as well as refreshments and meals. Therefore, that Sponsor earns significant brand recognition and exposure benefits, as outlined in the Sponsorship ‘level’ document (Marquee, Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.)

An ‘in-kind’ Sponsor is providing an optional resource –one that if need be, we can do without. Also, quite often, that optional resource is in itself serving to provide brand recognition and exposure. At past events, in order to maximize their brand exposure, some Sponsors have done both –sponsored at a cash level that was practical for them, AND provided branded items. Those Sponsors then received both sets of benefits as outlined above.


The Venue will be available at 7:00 AM on the event day. Venue and Gold Sponsors will be provided with a table and chairs. (Please let us know in advance if you will require electrical power.) Sponsor tables are located in the midst of the traffic pattern, making it very easy for attendees to stop by. We encourage Sponsors to keep their display up until after the afternoon break. Having a Sponsor representative draw and hand out the raffle prize adds a little more recognition and visibility for the Sponsor.

Lunch is provided to Sponsors that have registered. Please have your on-site representatives register here to ensure that they are included in the lunch order.

Thank you for supporting SQLSaturday Oregon 2018!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

SQLSaturday Oregon 2018 Sponsorship Form


       Organization Name:                                                                                                                        



               City, State, ZIP:                                                                                                                        

      Sponsoring Amount:                                                                                                                        





Please select the appropriate Sponsorship level


□ Marquee Sponsor (One only of each category below)

□ Venue, Onsite, Badging ($2000)

□ Morning Refreshments ($1000)

□ Afternoon Refreshments ($1000)                                                                                            

□ Gold Sponsor ($1,250 and up)                        

□ Silver Sponsor ($750 and up)                          

□ Bronze Sponsor ($500 and up)

□ Individual or Community Contributor ($25 and up)

Important deadlines

Sponsorships must be received in full no later than October 7, 2018 in order to guarantee inclusion in print and display materials. All Sponsor supplied materials must be received by October 25, 2018. Contact us for applicable shipping addresses.

Payment methods

Mail, Scan/email or FAX this form, make checks payable to, and send to:


c/o Jeff Hosnowetz, Treasurer

1404 NE 134th St. Suite 200                                        

Vancouver, WA 98685



You may use our SQLSaturday site (above), or pay directly with PayPal to: treasurer@oregonsql.org 


The raffle – key to your Success as a Sponsor

One of the vexing challenges for Sponsors at community events such as SQLSaturday, is collecting attendee information for follow-up contacts. Often attendees will not have business cards, and often handwritten forms can be challenging to read and decipher; numbered raffle tickets provide no contact information, and you end up with little actionable data. Or attendees may drop entry forms into a single collection box for all raffle items, creating the potential that the winner may not be truly interested in your raffle item.

Because we want you to be successful, all of our sponsorship levels include the suggestion that you provide a prize of at least $100 in value, and that you provide an interesting and colorful poster that highlights the prize(s) you are providing for the raffle. (Minimum size: 8-1/2x11; 11x17 preferred.)

For the Marquee, Gold, and Silver level Sponsorships, we provide attendees with a set of pre-printed raffle tickets* (see below) that will contain their name and email address Attendees are then able to put these tickets into the raffle box at each Sponsor table to try to win a prize. We will have one location for all absentee Sponsors placed in the same areas with our onsite Sponsors. This gives you 100% readability and 0% loss due to undecipherable handwriting. Additionally, attendees will have fewer raffle tickets than there are raffle items, requiring the attendee to make a conscious decision about which item (and by association, Sponsor) is most interesting.


John Doe


Raffle Ticket

We provide the raffle ticket collection box, and the raffle tickets. Raffle ticket collection will proceed through the end of the day, up until the evening reception. If someone from your team is present we’ll ask them to draw the winning ticket and present your item. Otherwise we’ll draw the ticket. Attendees must be present to win. If the raffle item is on site, it will be presented to the winner in front of the audience. Otherwise we’ll forward you the winner’s contact information so that you may follow up by sending the product, or license keys, etc.

After the event we will mail you the raffle tickets from your collection box, including full contact information for the raffle item winner. If your prize was particularly interesting, there may be duplicate entries; attendees may contribute more than one ticket to your box – but that’s a good thing, they are demonstrating their level of interest in the raffle item you are providing.

We like to remind our Sponsors, just as the ‘meta-data’ of a data set has the potential to provide significant and qualitative information, so does the raffle item that you select to offer. It can communicate a lot about your company to those considering dropping their limited entry forms into several collection boxes. With careful thought, you can prequalify your contacts.

*(A few late arriving attendees may have handwritten raffle tickets.)


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: This is an independently operated local event. The SQLSaturday logo and the website for the event have been provided to the event leader at no cost by PASS as a service to the SQL Server community. Local event leaders are not authorized by PASS to negotiate contracts, make commitments, or act on behalf of PASS in any capacity. PASS assumes no liability for issues or problems that may arise from the event at any point in time.

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