SQLSaturday 821

Cleveland, United States

PASS SQLSaturday is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more. This event will be held on Feb 02 2019 at Hyland Software, 28500 Clemens Rd., Cleveland, Ohio, 44145, United States

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This year will be HUGE! We are moving to the brand new Hyland training facility on the south side of the campus (Hyland Building #3 on the map below). Many more classrooms, larger classrooms, state of the art equipment. We even have LCD information panels on the rooms. Yes, that IS a gymnasium in the photos :-)

We have upped our attendee target to 400! If you have never come to SQL Saturday Cleveland because you were wait-listed over and over this is the time to come. Invite your non-SQL developer friends so they can learn more about their back-ends.

Pre-conference Sessions

We are really excited to be offering two pre-cons this year on Friday, February 1, 2019, to be held at the same Hyland facility as SQL Saturday.


Dave Bland presents Using SQL Server tools to Find Performance Bottlenecks

Performance is always at the top of every DBA’s list of things to do.  There are many tools that are available that are native to SQL Server.  This session will cover how to use Extended Events, DMVs, Execution Plans and QueryStore to find performance bottlenecks.

Topics to be covered, as well as a few surprises

Query Timeouts
Index Fragmentation
Execution Plan Warnings
Missing Indexes
SQL Server Wait information
Missing Statistics
Query bottlenecks
Data type conversion issues
CPU and Memory Issues
IO issues

This session will also cover a few additional topics such as how to format your SQL code allowing for easier reading.  How to perform a complete server assessment and baseline will also be covered as part of the session.  This will include a script the will allow for server assessments to be completed in an easier and more complete manner as well as scripts to create Extended Events sessions that discussed in the session.

Dave has over 14 years of SQL Server experience that includes being a DBA,  BI development and Application development using VB.NET.  He currently supervises the Shared Services DBA team at Stericycle. He is a frequent presenter at SQL Saturday events throughout the Midwest. Dave has been teaching SQL Server since version 2000 and currently is the SQL Server instructor at Harper College in Palatine, IL. Current certifications include: • Microsoft Certified Trainer • MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance • MCTS: SQL Server 2008, BI Development and Maintenance • MCSA: SQL Server 2008 • MCSA: SQL Server 2012\2014 • MCSE: SQL Server 2012\2014 - BI • MCDBA: SQL Server 2000 • MCSD  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

To register for Dave's precon click here

Tim Radney & David Pless present Modernize Your Workloads With Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance

In this session we will examine the benefits and capabilities of Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to include Azure SQL Database, Elastic Pools, and Azure SQL Managed Instance.

We will cover all the new features of Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance, and the built in tools to help secure, classify, and monitor your data. This session is full of demos and real life examples of how Azure has help modernize organizations. As we dive deep into Azure SQL Database, Elastic Pools, and Managed Instance, you'll gain a deep understanding of which solution is correct for different workloads and applications.

Regardless if you've been working with Azure SQL Database for years or have never seen the Azure Portal, you will walk away from this session with new skills to help accelerate your career and deepen your knowledge of the Azure SQL PaaS offerings. 

Come spend a day with Tim Radney from SQLskills.com and David Pless from Microsoft and deepen your knowledge of SQL Server in Azure.

Tim is a Data Platform MVP and has a whole collection of Microsoft and other industry certifications. His experience includes HA/DR, virtualization, SSIS, SSRS, and performance tuning, among everything else SQL Server-related.

Tim is very active and passionate in the SQL Community. He runs the Columbus GA SQL Users Group, has been a PASS Regional Mentor for a number of years, was named a PASS Outstanding Volunteer in 2012, and is a frequent speaker at user groups, SQL Saturdays and PASS Summits. Tim is one of the top ranked in karma on ask.sqlservercentral.com, answers questions as @tradney on Twitter, and blogs at http://timradney.com and SQLskills blog at http://www.SQLskills.com/blogs/tim.

For the past nine years, David has been a Technical Solution Professional with Microsoft. As a TSP he conducts full training workshops, conducts demo sessions, and performs architectural reviews on all supported builds of SQL Server. He mainly supports the Southeast focusing on Florida, but he can be anywhere in the world.

His core areas are Performance Tuning and Optimization, Azure, AlwaysOn, Reporting Services (SSRS), custom monitoring, building custom dashboards, and more.

To register for Tim and David's precon click here.


To get there plug in the following address into your GPS:


28500 Clemens Rd.

Cleveland, Ohio, 44145


That will technically take you to the old building 1 entrance. If you plug in 28105 it may take you down an alternate route to the wrong end of the building so please use 28500.


Turn right into the Building 3 entrance as shown in the first picture below. Veer to the left of that building you can see in the picture, then go to the entrance shown in the second picture which is pretty much in the middle. We’ll have someone waiting there to greet you. The registration area is just inside the doors.


There will be parking attendants directing you to the designated parking areas. Please follow their instructions to avoid parkageddon. From the warm confines of your vehicle - wave, smile and thank them so much for braving the cold weather to help you out!


Do NOT be intimidated by all of the lush foliage in the photo. It WILL NOT be there when you arrive.