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PASS SQLSaturday is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more. This event will be held on Mar 28 2020 at Reykjavik University, Menntavegur 1, Reykjavik, Gullbringusysla, 101, Iceland

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Welcome to SQL Saturday Iceland 2020

We are going to have a great time learning about the Microsoft Data Platform with some fantastic speakers. There will be three great tracks with 21 sessions. Remember that SQL Saturday is a free event. Please register using the Register now button in the menu above.

Speakers and guest from abroad

Travel guide:

There are quite a few airlines that fly to and from Iceland. You can use sites like dohop.com or similar to find the best way for you to get to and from the country. 

All flights land at Keflavik airport (KEF) which is around 40-50 min drive from Reykjavík. Many airlines say Reykjavik Airport in their booking information but it is still the same place. There is a domestic airport in Reykjavík called Reykjavík airport but there are no international flights to and from there except private flights or in an emergency. Don't be alarmed if your flight information says either names you are flying in to Keflavík. With this in mind you need to get to Reykjavík from the airport. The cheapest way to get there is by bus. You can buy your ticket in advance or at the airport. More information about the buses can be found here. The bus ticket will cost you around $25 and for around $5 more you can get at transfer to most major hotels. You can also take a taxi but be aware that it will most likely cost you around $150-$200 (ask before you drive off to be sure). 

There is no preferred hotel for the event. The one closest to the venue is Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura but there is easy access to the venue by foot, bus or taxi from all hotels in the downtown Reykjavík area. Hotels in Iceland are not cheap so look around for good deal and check out other options such as B&B, hostels or airbnb.

If you have any question about the logistics please feel free to reach out to us via the contact button on this page. 

Submission deadline

Submission deadline is December 31. 2019. Please make sure you submit before that time.


This year we will have three pre-cons, so there should be something for everyone.

We have Brent with index tuning, we have Rick and Fabian from Microsoft with modern data solution open hack and we have Prathyusa with Power BI visualization and storytelling.

Below is the description. Tickets will go on sale soon so be ready to sign up.

Mastering Index Tuning with Brent Ozar

You need to speed up a SQL Server app, but you only want to make index changes. You don’t want to buy hardware, change SQL Server, or change the code. I'll teach you the most important advanced lessons in one day.

You'll learn:

- My D.E.A.T.H. Method to quickly redesign indexes in an existing database
- How to use sp_BlitzIndex to Deduplicate & Eliminate indexes that need to get out
- How to use sp_BlitzCache to Add & Tune indexes based on your query workloads
- When to resort to Hand-crafted indexes like filtered indexes, indexed views, and indexed computed columns

The day will be 25% slides, 75% demos, and 100% useful for both cloud and on-premises installations. I'll be using the Stack Overflow 2013 database, and you're welcome to follow along: just bring a laptop with SQL Server 2016 or newer, or have an Azure SQL DB instance with the Stack Overflow 2013 database already installed.

Open Hack: From Ingestion to Consumption - Rick and Fabian from Microsoft

This workshop is designed to get hands on experience with a Modern Data Solution. During this day, the participants will be wrangling data inside the Azure Data Platform, going from ingestion to consumption. At the end of the day, the participants will have the required skillset to build their own modern data warehouse using the full power of the Azure stack.         

The workshop covers 5 modules. 

Module 1 will take a deeper look into the various Azure storage options that can be used as the landing zone for the data. The architecture needs to fulfill a set of customer requirements. Based on these requirements and the guidance of the experts, a data architecture will be designed to realize in the following modules.  

Module 2 will focus on loading the data to your architecture, and again making sure you are compliant with all the customer requirements. There is the opportunity to apply the newest standards when it comes DevOps, ARM templating and Infrastructure as a Code.  

Module 3 will require data rendering skills where you will cover the consumption part of your data. A report must be created based on the data you’ve processed in the previous modules. The goal is to create valuable insights to support the customer in their decision making on critical business processes. 

Module 4 will introduce a new data stream to the architecture. In this module you will combine the batch data with live stream data and make sure this data is persisted and can be queried in real-time. In a modern world, data can’t be transformed into insights fast enough. Learn everything about creating a real time data pipeline

Module 5 will cover AI using algorithms to detect and solve a real-world data science challenge. Based on the newest techniques in the Azure suite, you will start to analyze the data and apply machine learning models on your data architecture. This is the next level of data maturity where even decision making is automatized.  

For this workshop, you will be working in small groups of 3 people. There will be experts present during the workshop who can help you with all the questions you might have, and they will also guide you in choosing one of the possible solutions for the scenario. This ensures a high level of interactivity to have an excellent knowledge transfer between both your team and the experts.  

The winner of the day is determined based on their progress, quality and team spirit. It’s not about winning; participating will already give you the tools to become a modern data expert. 

You will need to bring your own laptop with SSMS, Visual Studio and Visual Studio code installed. An Azure access promo code will be provided to you for the duration of the workshop. 

Power BI data visualizations & storytelling with Prathyusha Kamsani

With the increased availability of data, the ability to communicate data effectively is becoming a sought after skill. Effective data storytelling starts with questions: Which data to pick?  What data not to pick?  How to visualize it? How to keep it performant? Also, most importantly how to retain the corporate brand? 

During this full day PreCon, we will review ways to determine what data to pick and how to present the data optimally and beautifully to diverse business users like Analysts, stakeholder and Execs. We will achieve it by exploring some of the psychology around how humans perceive data by looking into the gestalt principles of perception and how we can apply these principles in data visualization best practices.  We will also look at how to use corporate colour schemes and principles and how to template these for reuse between the teams.

By the end of the session attendees will get an understanding of the following:

  • Different types of visualizations available in Power BI
  • Understanding of what visuals to use based on the audience and categories of data
  • How to format Power BI visuals and how to use features like Analytics (adding Min, Max, Constant, Average and Median lines), Q&A
  • Colour theory, themes in Power BI and how to use colours and themes in data visuals
  • How to layout visuals for the better readability and how to use Power BI Background, Wallpaper and Filter panes to instantly makeover the reports
  • How to design interactive reports using Power BI functionalities: Bookmarks, Selections, drill down and drill through 
  • Power BI Templates and how to use existing corporate branding in Power BI Models and reuse it
  • Data modelling - How to use model design layout, comments, Naming Conventions and hide/view capabilities for better usability

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