Here is our schedule for the upcoming event. We've done our best to provide a good mix of topics and skill levels, we hope you'll find something of interest throughout the day. Our thanks to the speakers listed below for volunteering their time, we couldn't do it without them. If there are schedule changes we will make them here as they happen. We encourage you to check back a few days before the event just in case we have had to move one of your favorite sessions.

Note: Some speakers alternately upload their sessions to their own blog sites, which you can locate their site when you click on their session below.

Start TimeBI - Room: Room 4Bonus - Room: Room 5DBA 1 - Room: Room 1DBA 2 - Room: Room 2Developer - Room: Room 3
08:30 AMTim Costello

Pro Tips: Tuning the data flow in ssis

Level: Intermediate
Michael Hotek

SQL Server Performance Analysis

Level: Intermediate
Trevor Barkhouse

An Introduction to Profiler and SQL Trace

Level: Beginner
Thomas LaRock

SQL Server Memory Management

Level: Intermediate
Jennifer McCown

Code Sins

Level: Beginner
09:40 AMDavid Stein

Data Warehouse Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Level: Intermediate
Reinaldo Kibel

Virtualization and Consolidation best practices

Level: Advanced
AJ Mendo

Central Management Server - Fundamentals

Level: Beginner
Steven Ormrod

SQL Server Amnesia

Level: Beginner

Joe Celko

Nested Sets model for Trees in SQL

Level: Beginner
10:50 AMConor Cunningham

New Features in Denali: Apollo Columnar Data Store

Level: Beginner
Jonathan Gardner

Adventures in Project Management

Level: Beginner

Charles Joy

Data Orchestration with System Center + SQL

Level: Intermediate

Ryan Adams

Mirroring: The Bare Necessities

Level: Intermediate
Russell Johnson

Architecting no downtime databases.

Level: Intermediate

01:00 PMRuss Loski

SSRS data driven subscription using SSIS

Level: Intermediate

Jennifer McCown

T-SQL Brush-up:The Best Things You Forgot You Knew

Level: Beginner
Jim Murphy

Denali AlwaysOn - Finally, A usable 'mirror'!

Level: Beginner
Sean McCown

The Backup Tune-up

Level: Intermediate
Vicky Harp

Introduction to Common Table Expressions

Level: Intermediate

02:10 PMSid Atkinson

Analysis Services Performance Monitoring Deepdive

Level: Advanced
Joe Celko

Advanced Table Constraints

Level: Advanced
Tim Radney

It is TEMPDB, Why Should You Care?

Level: Intermediate
tjay belt

Data File Sizes – How much is enough, if you don’t

Level: Beginner
Roudy Rodarte

Expand your TSQL: Intersect, Except, and Apply

Level: Beginner
03:20 PMErin Welker

Zero to cube in 1 hour

Level: Beginner

David Stein

SSIS Done Right With Package Configurations

Level: Intermediate
Justin Mason

Visual Studio 2010 SQL 2008 Database Projects

Level: Intermediate

Nancy Hidy Wilson

Managing SQL Server in the Enterprise with TLAs

Level: Beginner

Mike Byrd

Nuts and Bolts of Table Compression

Level: Intermediate


Submitted Sessions

Here is the list of sessions submitted so far. Our goal is to feature as many different speakers and topics as possible, but space limitations prevent us from accepting every session. This list is also a great way for those thinking about speaking to see what might be on the agenda and enter a session that doesn't collide with an existing one.

A PowerShell Cookbook for DBAsTrevor BarkhouseBeginner
Advanced Table ConstraintsJoe CelkoAdvanced
Advanced TSQL SolutionsKevin BolesAdvanced
Adventures in Project Management Jonathan GardnerBeginner
An Introduction to Profiler and SQL TraceTrevor BarkhouseBeginner
An XQuery Cookbook for DBAsTrevor BarkhouseIntermediate
Analysis Services Performance Monitoring DeepdiveSid AtkinsonAdvanced
Anti-patterns in T-SQLDavid BuckinghamIntermediate
Architecting no downtime databases.Russell JohnsonIntermediate
Banish RBAR!Wayne SheffieldIntermediate
Become Bilingual! Oracle for the SQL Server DBARandy KnightIntermediate
Beginning Powershell for DBAs 1.0Sean McCownBeginner
Beginning Powershell for DBAs 1.5Sean McCownBeginner
Beginning T-SQLJennifer McCownBeginner
Building a Service Broker applicationMichael HotekIntermediate
Building your first Data MartTim CostelloBeginner
Building Your First SQL ClusterJoey D'AntoniIntermediate
Business Intelligence with SRS Report BuilderDavid EichnerBeginner
But it worked great in Dev! Performance for DevsRandy KnightIntermediate
Central Management Server - FundamentalsAJ MendoBeginner
Code SinsJennifer McCownBeginner
Common TSQL MistakesKevin BolesIntermediate
Data Element NamesJoe CelkoBeginner
Data File Sizes – How much is enough, if you don’ttjay beltBeginner
Data Orchestration with System Center + SQLCharles JoyIntermediate
Data Warehouse Mistakes You Can’t Afford to MakeDavid SteinIntermediate
Data Warehousing - How to Convince "The Bobs"David SteinBeginner
Deadlock Detection, Troubleshooting, & PreventionTrevor BarkhouseIntermediate
Defensive T-SQL CodingDavid BuckinghamIntermediate
Denali AlwaysOn - Finally, A usable 'mirror'!Jim MurphyBeginner
Designing and Writing SQL Code That Performs WellDavid BuckinghamIntermediate
Documentation – you know you love ittjay beltBeginner
Don't push the turbo button! Understanding IsolatRandy KnightIntermediate
EntityFramework 360: Getting StartedRob VettorBeginner
EntityFramework CodeOnly Rob VettorBeginner
Expand your TSQL: Intersect, Except, and ApplyRoudy RodarteBeginner
eXtreme XML eXtraction: eXamining XML in SSISRuss LoskiIntermediate
Fundamentals of Join OperationsKevin BolesBeginner
HADR in DenaliMichael HotekBeginner
Help! I need somebody, Help me Please!!David SmitheyBeginner
How to curse in interviewsSean McCownBeginner
Internals of SQL Server ProcessingMichael HotekBeginner
Introduction to Common Table ExpressionsVicky HarpIntermediate
Introduction to Execution PlansKevin BolesBeginner
It is TEMPDB, Why Should You Care?Tim RadneyIntermediate
Long Parameter Lists in SQLJoe CelkoAdvanced
Manage your shop with CMS and Policy Based MgmtRyan AdamsBeginner
Managing SQL Server in the Enterprise with TLAsNancy Hidy WilsonBeginner
Mirroring: The Bare NecessitiesRyan AdamsIntermediate
Monitoring Databases in a Virtual EnvironmentThomas LaRockBeginner
Must-Know Design PatternsRob VettorBeginner
MVx: Making Sense Out of the Model View Patterns…Rob VettorIntermediate
Nested Sets model for Trees in SQLJoe CelkoBeginner
New Features in Denali: Apollo Columnar Data StoreConor CunninghamBeginner
Nuts and Bolts of Table CompressionMike ByrdIntermediate
Parallel Query Execution Deep DiveKevin BolesAdvanced
Partitioning: The Rest of the StoryMike ByrdIntermediate
Pro Tips: Tuning the data flow in ssisTim CostelloIntermediate
Real Time Data Kinkiness: Intro to StreamInsightJ SawyerIntermediate
SANs and SQL ServerKevin BolesAdvanced
SQL InjectionKevin BolesIntermediate
SQL Server AmnesiaSteven OrmrodBeginner
SQL Server Memory Deep DiveKevin BolesAdvanced
SQL Server Memory ManagementThomas LaRockIntermediate
SQL Server Partitioning A to ZKevin BolesAdvanced
SQL Server Performance AnalysisMichael HotekIntermediate
SSIS Done Right With Package ConfigurationsDavid SteinIntermediate
SSRS data driven subscription using SSISRuss LoskiIntermediate
Stand-alone DBA daily/weekly/monthly taskstjay beltBeginner
State Transition Integrity ConstraintsJoe CelkoIntermediate
Stored procedure tracing using the xml datatype Russ LoskiIntermediate
Telling stories with dataTim CostelloBeginner
Temp Tables & Table Vars - What you NEED to Know!Wayne SheffieldIntermediate
The Backup Tune-upSean McCownIntermediate
Top Ten Operational Mistakes to AvoidMike HillwigBeginner
Top Ten Rules for Managing a Production EnvironmenMike HillwigBeginner
Transaction and Error Handling: Beyond the BasicsDavid BuckinghamIntermediate
Transaction Log and YouJoe HellstenBeginner
T-SQL Brush-up:The Best Things You Forgot You KnewJennifer McCownBeginner
Understanding BackupsSean McCownBeginner
Understanding SQL Server XML Features Randy KnightAdvanced
Using SQL CLRPaul HunterIntermediate
Virtualization and Consolidation best practicesReinaldo KibelAdvanced
Virtualization for the Developer/DBADavid SmitheyBeginner
Visual Studio 2010 Pro and Team System for DatabasJonathan GardnerIntermediate
Visual Studio 2010 SQL 2008 Database Projects Justin MasonIntermediate
You Inherited a Database, Now What?Tim RadneyBeginner
Zero to cube in 1 hourErin WelkerBeginner
Zero to Cube in 30 minutesMichael HotekBeginner

Suggested Sessions

Thinking about participating as a speaker but no ideas for the topic? Often our attendees will have an idea for you! Or, submit a suggestion of your own.

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