For Attendees

For Attendees

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What is a PASS SQLSaturday?

A PASS SQLSaturday is a one-day free training event for a technical audience interested in the Microsoft Data Platform and SQL Server. The event is usually held on a Saturday because many IT professionals have difficulty taking time off from work for training, however they may held on other days based on the local context.

The event format takes on a mini conference style, usually with two or more tracks comprised of four to six sessions of about one hour in duration. The number of tracks, sessions, duration and speakers vary from event to event. Sessions are conducted by members of the community, sharing news, tips, tricks, and techniques. 

How do I register for a PASS SQLSaturday?

To register for a PASS SQLSaturday, you must first become a PASS member. A PASS account makes it convenient to manage your SQLSaturday user profile, update preferences, and keep track of your SQLSaturday registrations from the mySQLSaturday page.

You can find a list of upcoming events on the SQLSaturday homepage. You can search by location and sort by date and region. 

Is lunch provided at PASS SQLSaturday events?

It is the choice of the organizers of a PASS SQLSaturday event if they choose to provide lunch for their event. When registering for a PASS SQLSaturday, if lunch is offered you will have the choice to bring your own lunch (or eat lunch outside the venue), or pay for lunch via PayPal. If you're unable to complete your payment during registration, you can pay later from your mySQLSaturday page.

How do I build my schedule for a PASS SQLSaturday?

To build your schedule, go to the PASS SQLSaturday's event website and click on Sessions -> Build Schedule. This will help you plan your day, and will also help the organizers understand which sessions are more popular. From the Build Schedule page you can view your schedule, export it to PDF or Excel, have it e-mailed to you, and download iCal links.

What is a SpeedPASS?

The admission packet for a PASS SQLSaturday is called SpeedPASS. The SpeedPASS includes your name badge, admission ticket, a lunch ticket (if you paid for lunch), and a unique raffle ticket for each of the event's sponsors.

Please print, cut and bring your SpeedPASS to each SQLSaturday event you attend.

What personal information is being shared when I give my SpeedPASS to a sponsor?

At SQLSaturday events, sponsors will collect attendee SpeedPASSes. This is usually for the attendee to be entered into a raffle. If you give your SpeedPASS to a sponsor, you are opting-in to share the following information with that sponsor:

  • Name
  • Email
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Postal/ZIP Code
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Twitter handle

How can I provide feedback on the events and sessions that I attend?

Organizers of a PASS SQLSaturday may provide you with paper forms to fill in at the event. These can be used to provide feedback on both the event and individual sessions. If you did not get chance to provide feedback during event, you can also fill out an online evaluation. These evaluations are open for one week after the event.

Note: Replace the ### with the number of the event you attended. You can find the number on the event website.

Where can I download session material?

You can download session material like slide decks and demos from each PASS SQLSaturday's schedule page. Go to the PASS SQLSaturday event page, go to Sessions -> Schedule. Under each session where materials are avaialble, there will be a Download button.

What is a wait list and why am I on it?

Due to venue capacity, room sizes, fire regulations and so on, PASS SQLSaturdays often must set a limit on the number of registrations for their event. Once they reach this limit, new registrants will be added to the wait list for the event. If someone cancels their registration, the first person on the wait list will be moved off the wait list and their status will be changed to attending.

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