Getting Started

Getting Started

How do I choose a date and location for a PASS SQLSaturday?

Your event date must be at least 4 months from the day you want to submit the Event Request. Check the SQLSaturday website for other upcoming events or reserved dates. If your event is in the US, it must be at least 600 miles away from other events on the same day. If your event is outside the US, it must be at least 400 miles away from other events on the same day. If your preferred date and location does not conflict with any other events, you can go ahead and submit a Reserved Date Request.

How do I choose a venue?

Finding a venue is often the most difficult part of planning a PASS SQLSaturday. If possible, try to find a free venue. Good options are schools, colleges and universities. Make sure you have enough rooms for all your tracks, a speaker room, and a general area for registration and sponsors.

How do I decide the attendance goal and max registration numbers?

Depending on the size of your venue, you need to decide on an attendance goal and max number of registrations for your event. The max number of registrations is how many people can register before the wait list is enabled. Make sure you check with your venue to understand the capacity and other regulations governing the space before you commit to using it.

What is a Reserved Date Request?

If you have decided on a date for your PASS SQLSaturday, but you still need to finalize information such as venue, sponsorship amounts and other details, you can submit a Reserved Date Request. The deadline for submitting a reserved date request is four months and one week before your event date. This gives you one week to prepare and submit your event request form before its deadline.

If you're ready to go live with your event, submit an Event Request.

How do I submit an Event Request?

The first day you can submit an event request is 8 months before your event date, and the deadline is 4 months before your event date. When you're ready to go live with your event, submit an Event Request, complete with an attendance goal, sponsor levels and fees, lunch fee (if applicable), and more. Getting all this information together takes some effort, but it will get you off to a good start. 

Do I need to provide lunch for my attendees?

There are three options for lunch:

  • Attendee pays for lunch (up to $15 USD)
  • Event covers lunch for everyone
  • Attendees go outside the venue to get their own lunch


If you decide to offer lunch, consider the following:

  • The maximum you can charge for a lunch is $15USD. 
  • Consider the time you will need to spend coordinating with a caterer. Some venues have on-site catering (and some have restrictions on bringing in external catering).
  • You should discuss this with your venue before booking.
  • Be cognisant of allergies and dietary restrictions. 
  • Do not promote on-site purchasing of food but order a few extras in case someone wants to buy onsite.
  • Speakers and volunteers are automatically provided lunch free of charge. This will need to be factored into your budget.

It is not a requirement to provide lunch for your attendees, however if you decide to not offer lunch, make sure that there are adequate food options at or close to the venue.

What is the PASS SQLSaturday License Agreement and Anti-Harassment Policy?

All organizers are required to sign and return the PASS SQLSaturday Licence Agreement. Organizers will be prompted to sign the License Agreement when their Event Request has been approved. There are two versions of the PASS SQLSaturday License Agreement: The Standard one, and the other is the one adopting the wording of PASS’ Anti-Harassment Policy for your event, if you wish to do so. You can also choose to implement your own anti-harassment policy. 

Please note that by choosing to adopt PASS’ Anti-Harassment Policy for your event, you acknowledge that as organizer of this event you are solely liable and responsible to manage recourse and response to any alleged incidents that may occur during your event that are reported to you. As this is not a PASS-owned event, PASS would not be involved. PASS will be on hand to support you on how to respond should any reports come to PASS directly. 

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