Organize an Event

Getting Started

Do you want to organize a SQLSaturday in your area? Awesome! We're happy to help you get started. Organizing a successful event requires a lot of planning and hard work, but it has amazing payoffs for the local Microsoft Data Platform and SQL Server community. Here's an overview of what is involved in organizing a SQLSaturday. If you're up for the challenge, contact us and we'll set up an initial call to go through the next steps.

What is involved in organizing a SQLSaturday?

Simply put, as the event organizer you own your SQLSaturday and you are responsible for planning, marketing, and executing the event. The PASS SQLSaturday team will provide guidance and mentoring, but ultimately it's up to you to make your event a success. You have to find an event venue, manage finances, coordinate volunteers, plan logistics, and find ways to reach potential attendees, speakers and sponsors. Even though the event is free, attendees will expect a well-executed event, which requires planning and communication. It's all in the details.

We define a successful SQLSaturday as one that meets attendees' expectations. As much as we focus on logistics and details to make SQLSaturdays flow as smoothly as possible, attendees are there for a day of free, high-quality training - meet that expectation and your event is a success!

What PASS Offers

We provide a standard set of tools, processes and mentoring to help you create the most successful SQLSaturday event possible:

  • event website to register attendees, accept session submissions from speakers, and sign up sponsors.
  • email alias to quickly reach your team of event organizers.
  • Admin tools to manage registrations, sessions and sponsors, build the event schedule, send emails, post news and view reports.
  • Automated Call for Speakers sent to all SQLSaturday speakers around the world.
  • Introductions to potential sponsors.
  • $250 sponsorship per event.
  • Mentoring calls when needed, and documentation that can be used as the basis for planning your SQLSaturday event.

What's next?

  1. Initial Call. Before you can organize a new SQLSaturday event, we requires a 30-minute initial call to go through the next steps. If you have organized a SQLSaturday before, skip to Step 2 or 3.
  2. Reserve a date. If you have decided on a date for your SQLSaturday, but you're not yet ready to go live with your event, submit a reserved date request. The deadline for submitting a reserved date request is 4 months and 1 week before your event date. This gives you one week to prepare and submit your event request form before its deadline. If you're ready to go live with your event, skip to Step 3.
  3. Organize an event. When you're ready to go live with your event, submit an event request, complete with an attendance goal, sponsor levels and fees, lunch fee if applicable, and more. Getting all this information together takes some effort, but it will get you off to a good start. The first day you can submit an event request is 8 months before your event date, and the deadline is 4 months before your event date.
  4. Set up the website. We will review your event request and follow up if we have questions or concerns. After your request is approved, we will create the logo for your event, set up an email alias, create the event website, and send you credentials to access the admin tools.
  5. Make it happen! It's now up to you to reach attendees, find speakers and sponsors, and make your event a success, but we are here to support you. Good luck!


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