SQLSaturday Event Documentation

Early Considerations for Hosting a SQLSaturday


Event Requests


We provide a set of web based admin tools to help you run your event. You can specify up to three admins when you submit your event request. Requests for changes to those admins should be submitted to webmaster@sqlsaturday.com.

Event Date

Given our name, most events are held on a Saturday! Other than that there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the date of your event:

Event Requests

Event requests should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event target date using our event request page. We review this within 2-3 business days and will follow up if there are any questions, otherwise we will approve the event and provide you with images and a SQLSaturday email address.


Finding a good location is often one of the hardest parts of setting up an event. Listed below are some things to consider when conducting your search.

Lunch Fee

We require that admission to SQLSaturday events be free, but you can charge an optional lunch fee of up to $10 to help cover costs. Providing lunch is a key part of the event, if you do not have lunch on site many attendees will not return from lunch - which in turn reduces the number of people that see the afternoon sessions and speakers. The fee must be used for breakfast/lunch and related expenses, not to defray other event costs. If you elect to charge the fee we will automatically send registrants to PayPal and update their record when they pay. Speakers who submit sessions are not charged for lunch by default and we prefer that they not be charged, they are already providing a substantial contribution to the event. These funds accrue until about 2 weeks prior to the event and then we will send you the funds. Remember that Paypal charges a transaction fee, so typically you will get about $9.40 if you charge the full $10 for lunch.

Max Registration

Think of this as a theoretical maximum based on seats and space rather than a goal for your event. Remember that typically 30% of registrants will not attend, so it's wise to set this number higher than the actual physical seats available. For example, if you can seat 100, we'd suggest setting the maximum registration to 140 to allow for the drop off. Once you hit the maximum registration count we will continue to accept registrations and place them on the 'wait list'. As seats are freed up by cancellations we automatically move people from the wait list to full attendee status. It's not perfect, but it's better than losing a potential participant entirely.

Recommended Hotel

It's a good idea to select a hotel in close proximity to the event site. You'll have speakers that travel for the event and it's a great time saver if you can recommend a reasonably priced hotel, it also makes it easy for them to network if they are all staying in the same place. In general we don't recommend trying to negotiate a special event for attendees, it's usually a lot of work and very little difference in price from rates available on the internet.

Sponsor Check Address

This is the address where sponsors can send a check if they prefer not to use a credit card for their payment. We will accept payments on your behalf if you prefer, and at no cost to you, just leave the box blank when filling out the event request.

Sponsorship Levels

We prefer that each event stick with our four standard sponsorship levels; bronze, silver, gold, and personal. You can add 'super' levels such as platinum if needed, but it makes it easier for sponsors if we maintain similar sponsor levels from event to event. It's very important that you make clear to sponsors what they get at each sponsor level. Many sponsors will ask to do a trade out, providing you with software or other items instead of cash - it's up to you to decide if that makes sense on a case by case basis, just remember that you have real costs that require cash! 

SWAG Mailing Address

We ask that you provide an address that can accept day time deliveries so that sponsors can send SWAG as well as items they need to support their attendance at the event.